Vault: Digital Evidence Management

Keeping all evidence files securely stored in a centralized database with 24/7 access

Vault is a state-of-the-art Digital Evidence Management system designed to make handling evidence simple. Say “goodbye” to clunky case files, DVDs, and flash drives, and say “hello” to Cloud data hosting in a centralized database with 24/7 access capabilities.

Perfect for all areas of the Justice System, Vault makes it easier than ever to upload, store, normalize, share, and playback evidence in a variety of formats. From documents, photos, and public videos to CCTV footage and cellphone data exports, Vault can handle files large and small.

Unmatched Security and Unlimited Potential

Vault is not your average Digital Evidence Management system. Our team worked closely with Justice System professionals to identify pain points and challenges plaguing the industry.  Vault is built upon world-class Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology that is scalable to any size enterprise and can be deployed as a complete Cloud solution. Installation is fast and IT resources are freed up to focus on other areas. Vault’s features are designed to help revolutionize evidence management, storage, sharing, and playback.

Automatic Audit Trail

File Normalization


Intuitive Uploading

Maintain the chain of custody and keep track of views and edits with an automatic audit trail for each file uploaded.

Vault automatically normalizes files into formats that can easily be shared and reviewed. Vault even normalizes video formats so they can be played on any device.

Built-in options to notate and comment on evidence files within the platform. Leave public notes for all parties, personal reminders, or inter-team communications.

Users can easily upload files into the portal from nearly any device. Tag and organize files by name, case number, or description for easy retrieval later.

Seamless Playback


Simple Integrations


There’s no need for CDs, DVDs, or flash drives in the courtroom. Simply pull up the portal on a laptop or computer and playback videos seamlessly – no download required.

All digital files can be shared to authorized users with encryption and other safe-guards. Chain of custody is maintained, and an automatic audit trail is created for each item.

Integrate with iNPUT ACE, Veritone, OnBase, and many more. Implementation is seamless and hassle-free. Merge new technology with existing business applications.

Access to evidence is no longer bound to within the office. View and interact with evidence files whenever, and wherever. 

Digital Evidence Management in and out of the courtroom

Many people seem to believe that law enforcement are the only personnel affected by evidence. While they certainly see their fair share, just about every job role within the Justice System will handle evidence in some capacity. Vault was designed with all job roles in mind, streamlining processes both in and out of the courtroom. With Vault, evidence is normalized, condensed, and stored in unaltered form to efficiently process cases. Courts and Prosecutors benefit greatly from Vault, eliminating many of the challenges in the field. 


Thanks to nearly instant uploads, clerks have far less paper pushing to worry about. No more checking exhibits in and out, and communication between parties can happen directly and digitally. Audit trails are automatically tracked, freeing up time for clerks to focus on more impactful tasks.


Judges also have the option to comment on exhibits as needed. They can review evidence as much as they’d like to, and can see the full audit trail. Vault integrates perfectly with existing applications for efficient and paper-free hearings. During discovery, Judges are responsible for allowing evidence in as exhibits. Vault allows them to see nearly all pieces of evidence together on a single platform. Videos can be reviewed on laptops or mobile devices, and the Judge can admit or deny evidence in a fraction of the time.


Prosecutors are one of the most important parties in court cases. They are responsible for submitting and sharing evidence during the discovery phase. They submit documents, media files, interrogatories, physical evidence and more in the hopes they will be accepted as exhibits that can be presented in court. Prosecutors use Vault to upload immediately, share securely, and review accepted exhibits 24/7. Vault allows all parties viewing access at any time, rather than waiting for the opposing side to be finished with the single evidence file. Prosecutors are able to build their cases more efficiently, and can playback nearly any exhibit in court from computers, laptops, and other mobile devices.


Attorneys represent the defendant in a case and work to disprove the Prosecution. Like prosecutors, attorneys are heavily involved with the discovery process and benefit greatly from Vault’s capabilities. Attorneys can also upload content from anywhere, and access it 24/7. Internal notation and commenting options improve communication, and audit trails protect the validity of the exhibit. Many proprietary formats can be normalized into file types that can be displayed on most devices. Vault puts everything you need to build a case and move through discovery right at your fingertips.

The Public

The courts exist to bring justice to and for citizens. Vault can reduce delays and defaults on cases, create a more transparent and accurate system, and hold the court system more accountable for its processes.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement needs an easier way to upload and manage multimedia evidence files. Vault makes it possible for officers to make notations, track chain of custody, associate multiple entries together, redact, and re-play audio/visual files.

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      Digital Evidence At a Glance

      • CCTV Footage
      • 9-1-1 Audio Recordings
      • Files From Devices
      • Cell Phone Data Exports
      • Public Videos
      • Body Cam Footage
      • Scanned Documents
      • Crime Scene Media
      • Private Videos

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