Digital Evidence Management (DEM)

An Evidence-Based Solution for Storing, Sharing and Streaming Your Case Exhibits

Digital Evidence at a Glance

Time keeps moving forward… are the courts?

“This used to be my office,” said the court’s IT manager, opening the door into what looked like a storage closet with video tapes, CDs, hard drives, photocopies and a variety of playback devices lining the room from floor to ceiling. What was once a habitable office space had been taken over by box after box of exhibits. With so much clutter, we weren’t surprised to hear about how disorganized everyone felt! We knew there had to be a better way…and one that could handle the swell of multimedia evidence files. Introducing Digital Evidence Management. Receiving evidence, sharing assets, and communicating freely has never been easier. 

Digital Evidence Throughout The Justice System

Law Enforcement
Law enforcement needs an easier way to upload and manage multimedia evidence files. DEM makes it possible for officers to make notations, track chain of custody, associate multiple entries together, redact,  and re-play audio/visual files.

Thanks to nearly instant uploads, clerks have far less paper pushing to worry about. No more checking exhibits in and out, and communication between parties can happen directly and digitally. Audit trails are automatically tracked, freeing up time for clerks to focus on more impactful tasks.

Attorneys can refer to exhibits as often as they’d like. Multiple users can view files simultaneously, and each party can independently notate as needed. These notes are only visible to the original writer and their staff, so no sticky notes are needed.

Judges also have the option to comment on exhibits as needed. They can review evidence as much as they’d like to, and can see the full chain of custody. DEM integrates perfectly with aiSmartBench for efficient and paper-free hearings.

The Public
The courts exist to bring justice to and for citizens. DEM solutions can reduce delays and defaults on cases, create a more transparent and accurate system, and hold the court system more accountable for its processes.

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  • Easy Uploads
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Automatic Audit Trail

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The 6 Key Attributes of DEM

  1. Collect Data – Easily upload documents including video, cell phone dumps, and zip files
  2. Normalize Files – Make sure your exhibit can be viewed on any device, anywhere
  3. Store Neatly – Link to case files to easily find all assets as needed
  4. Share Seamlessly – Send exhibits to all parties at once complete with automated audit trail
  5. Archive For Later – File exhibits away for reference later on without losing office space
  6. Lessen Stress And Hassle – Avoid paper pushing problems and get cases closed faster

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Features And Tech

Our DEM solution can stand alone as an entirely Cloud-hosted system, or serve as a hybrid model that leverages both your existing, on-premises system and a Cloud environment – whichever way makes sense for your organization to ensure utmost security, efficiency and user-friendliness are built into your processes. We’ve ensured that our Digital Evidence Management solution comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you need to create a seamless, user-friendly digital space.

Centralized Data Repository

The core of your DEM solution is a single, centralized hub that stores the majority of your digital evidence. From this one system, authorized staff and credentialed users can key case searches and retrieve all its related video, audio and photograph files. Multi-authenticated encryption options ensure content stays within its proper chain of custody, while complete audit trails track the user, how (s)he interacted with the content, on what date and at what time.

This repository also serves as the starting center for any automated, rules-based workflows and consequential queues you have in place – and yes, all workflow operations are traced and available as a complete, auditable history.

Simplified Sharing Service

Once digital evidence is uploaded and housed in your centralized data repository, it can be securely shared, internally and externally, with all necessary parties.

From the courts, prosecutor’s offices and law enforcement agencies to defense counsel, the medical examiner’s office, probation and all other stakeholders, digitally requested access can be made securely available for any case-specific content. A brief eForm is all system admins need to key in the details, such as which evidence is being shared with whom, to which email it should be sent, the timeframe for access and any necessary passwords. Recipients will then receive an email with steps on how to quickly access the digital evidence they’ve requested.

File Normalization

To offer instant, no-hassle playback (eliminating the numerous proprietary players typically needed to do so), our DEM system normalizes all digital evidence into a format that plays directly from the user’s dashboard. File normalization is also a critical step in protecting data integrity, as it reveals if the evidence has been tampered with or manipulated from its originally recorded form.

Cloud-Hosted Support

For exceptionally large multimedia and file storage, such as cell phone dumps, Zip files, and other non-traditional file types, the highly secure Microsoft Azure Government Cloud supports added-on hosting. From here, it’s easy to upload, stream and share any number or size of files.

Direct Integrations

Your DEM solution is built for easy, direct integration with popular, third-party applications you may already have in place, such as your Court’s existing case management system and/or Microsoft Office.

To achieve an even more seamless, end-to-end workflow, consider coupling digital evidence management with complimenting operations, such TrueSign for electronic signatures, LEAP for law enforcement communications, TrueCertify for digital seals and certifications or the Paperless Prosecutor Solution.