Courtroom Tools that Click for Clerks and Court ADmins

A Court of Record Efficiency

The frontline faces for the public’s court access and interactions, court clerks and administrators profoundly influence a court’s standing within communities and can make or break constituent’s experiences with accessibility, transparency and overall efficiency.

Only feebly operational with paper-based processes, many court clerks and admins are unable to make the personal, timely impacts they’d like because their time is consumed weeding through manila envelopes and paper files, hopping from desk to desk looking for cases and fumbling with a sea of sticky notes.

But clerks and court admins can weed their way out of these paper jungles for good and, at the same time, save their constituents, related justice departments, and other court personnel from the wildfire chaos of a paper trail. All they need is a mobile, electronic workflow, and their biggest concern will be a mouse – a computerized one, of course.

Registrar of Workflow Efficiency

Workflows are just what they claim to be – systems that make work flow. With an electronic system, clerks can also leverage filtered inboxes and stay in constant communication with related justice offices. How so? Every document and file are digitized and stored electronically, and with just a few clicks, clerks can view, work on, file, and/or send a document on its way.

Electronic workflows further empower court clerks and admins to maintain more control over their files. The easy-to-configure workflow engine includes:

  • Assignment rules based on case type and other criteria
  • Routing rules for court-specific document codes
  • Timers based on user-specified wake-up reasons
  • Electronic signing and markup for judges and clerks

As every clerk can imagine, cutting paper (get it?) naturally boosts the office’s efficiency while maintaining a comfortable headcount. Just by switching to an electronic workflow, many courts have seen filing approval times drop from several days to a quick 24 hours.

No-Complaint Capture

Filed documents are easily captured and docketed into the electronic case file from a variety of sources:

  • E-Filing (any system, or ImageSoft’s TrueFiling)
  • Scan (mail and over the counter)
  • Fax
  • Custom Templates (Orders, Judgments, etc.)
    Order to Self Serve

    With an electronic workflow, you have the advantage of working autonomously but together. Court admins and clerks can customize their interface in a way that works best for their needs and is most comfortable. They can then view the case files by the order of the filing, or by tabbed groups that house specific files, such motions, orders, judgments, etc.

    When other clerks, admins, a judge, or the prosecutor’s office needs to view these documents, they can simply log-in to the workflow system and self-serve documents on their own customized interface.

    And yes – all this without compromising the integrity of a file. Not only can users allow or deny access (such as to the public, or someone with a conflict of interest), but full audit trails hold anyone who has opened or edited the document accountable. This transparency takes unnecessary pressure off the clerk and is trusted by both the public and the courts.

    Permanent Injunction to be Integrative

    Don’t get snagged by duplicate data entry from filing or transferring information between systems. ImageSoft’s electronic workflow is integrative with almost every case management system to keep your information accurate and updated. It includes:

    • Case and party information
    • Judicial calendar
    • Document ingestion and processing (notices, orders, etc.)
    • Enable CMS to easily retrieve electronic case files
    • Push information to CMS using ECF standard
      More on the Docket

      The electronic case file offers best-in-class features, such as:

      • Intuitive color-coded filing structure and case jacket
      • Automated records management
      • Security for public, sealed, confidential and expunged records
      • Mobile device support

      Our workflow allows information to electronically and freely flow between the clerk and all parties on a case. Other clerk specific workflow functions include:


      • Reduced postage by electronically notifying parties
      • Electronic signing by judges in chambers or at home
      • Improved service and integrity using electronic certification
      • Unique document packaging solution for bind-overs and appeals
        One-Click Contact with Justice Agencies

        From the State Court Administrative offices, Departments of Human Services and Departments of Corrections to Public Safety and Public Defenders, courts are in continuous communication with state and local justice agencies. Facilitate faster inquiries and turnaround times with a robust set of reporting dashboards and integration services.


        • Seamless integration with existing case management systems (CMS)
        • Supports compliant case and data exchanges


        • Management dashboards provide a 360-degree look at projects, notes, outstanding tasks and urgent matters
        • Highly configurable interfaces are intuitive for admins and support robust reporting capabilities

          Final Judgement

          As the momentum that keeps the justice system moving, clerks and court admins cannot be slowed by legacy processes. Not only are they being persecuted by paper, but the judges, prosecutors and the public are also falling victim. By realizing and exercising their paperless freedom, court administrators and clerks empower the entire justice system to protect society at expedited speeds.


          Deliver and authenticate certified documents electronically with TrueCertify


          Case management system? Check. eFiling? Check. Wondering why your court is still processing so much paper? Probably because it’s not integrated with an electronic document management system (EDMS).


          Follow the Travis County Clerk’s office through its transformation from manual workflows and no integrations to one-click automation and real-time integrations with both courts and eFilings.