CJIS Compliance

Passing the Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) audit requires a robust solution with a high level of security features as well as policies and procedures to ensure the protection of your data. Whether it’s syncing the solution users with internal password policies, encrypting the storage of data and content or encrypting the receipt and transmittal of data and content, our solutions can provide the tools and configurability to support your environment and policies. Of course, there is much more to passing the audit than technology, but if you don’t have a system that securely stores and transmits CJI, that will often be the most difficult and costly part to fix.

To support our customers that are subject to CJIS audits, ImageSoft has implemented processes, systems and training that are required by technology partners that have access to CJI. Our official statement follows.


In accordance with the requirements stated in the FBI CJIS Security Policy, the Michigan State Police has verified that all ImageSoft employees with access to criminal justice information (CJI) in the state of Michigan have passed the necessary background checks, have had their fingerprints documented, and have taken the required CJIS security awareness training.
Internally, ImageSoft has implemented a software solution to track associates who have access to CJI and to validate that our policies, procedures, background checks, etc. are current. We have also implemented policies, procedures, and protocols to verify that ImageSoft’s access to CJI is consistent with the CJIS Security Policy.
In addition to these accomplishments, ImageSoft has implemented solutions that support our customers’ requirement to pass CJIS audits. In both hosted and premise based environments, these solutions include features that encrypt and secure communications with outside parties, store documents and data in encrypted formats, and support password policies required by the CJIS Security Policy.