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Motivated by customer success and committed to efficiency, our professional services team (casually referred to as “PS”) partners with our customers to deliver high-value solutions, create more effective working environments and ensure each day is better than the last.

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Building More Than Solutions

Welcome to PS, where our best customers are our partners. When you land with our team, it’s because you have a vision for a more efficient and impactful organization. Congrats! We’re here to make that vision a reality.

But don’t burn your file cabinets just yet.

What Customers Can Expect

Engineering a new way of doing business is exciting! We should know – we do it every day. But, like all good things, it takes time. So let’s talk about what you can expect from day one.

Our introductory meeting is the exciting moment when we enter into an equal partnership with you. From there, each conversation will allow us to productively share ideas and feedback, and iteratively work together to design and implement a solution that meets your goals. Forming close partnerships with frequent communication, we blend your vision with our experience to create outstanding systems to support your business needs.

As we learn more about your needs and wants, we will continue to make suggestions that will save you time in the long-run.

And then the day comes – your long-held vision for a paperless environment is now a solution you’re ready to launch. That is an important day – we won’t take it from you. Make t-shirts. Order pizza. Celebrate!

The ImageSoft Way

Now that you know what to expect from our team, let’s talk about our implementation method - “The ImageSoft Way.”

Throughout the phases outlined below, you will have a dedicated Project Manager working to ensure your project stays on track. Whether tracking budget, validating scope, or removing roadblocks to achieve our collaborative schedule, the Project Manager is your project advocate. They provide you status reports, identify and mitigate risks, and maintain the project plan.

Regardless of which team is working on your solution, the ImageSoft Way holds our team and yours accountable for collaboration, iterative feedback, and timely responses.

ImageSoft Way

Phase One: Planning and Initiation

This phase allows the team to learn about the project and the solution, first by meeting with the Sales team and then with you, our customer. Any documentation provided to the Sales team is shared with the Project team to ensure an efficient transfer of knowledge. During this phase, the Project Manager builds an initial draft of the project schedule so the customer will know what to expect.

Phase Two: Discovery and Design

Always up for a field trip, two of our experienced team members will visit your location to sit with business users and walk through their business processes. We will listen, document and ask questions. This meeting ensures we understand your organization and its procedural pain points, and have the correct information to build your successful solution.

Once the field trip is over, we return to our office and design a document called a Solution Requirements Document (SRD). In this document you will find what we’ve identified as the steps required to satisfy each of your business processes within the new solution. Once our team has reviewed it, we toss it over for your team and subject-matter experts to review. Then we’ll all review it together, make necessary corrections and come to an agreement on the functionality that will be built for you. Phase two is complete only once the SRD is agreed upon and signed.

Phase Three: Build

Remember when we said we love feedback? We weren’t joking. The Build phase is where we establish a regular cadence with you to demonstrate the solution as it is being built, and your feedback is critical. Why? Because, if we can catch a misunderstanding early in the project, it’s much easier to resolve. Think of a great game of Tetris: when foundational pieces are laid out properly, you know you are setting yourself up for great success later. It’s much harder to fix the bottom once the top pieces are coming down! Seeing the system helps your team understand the solution well before it is released to test and support.

Phase Four: Train the Trainer

We’ve visualized your solution, talked about it endlessly and, at this point, everyone is hyped. Now, it’s time to get acquainted with your system.

Following a checklist of steps to ensure that your team has all the templates and documents needed to be successful, the training phase is where our team trains your team on using and optimizing the best of your solution. We provide and consult on a sample training plan, which can be customized to the goals and preferences of your team, and supply a solution-specific training manual.

Phase Five: User Acceptance Phase

User Acceptance Testing is your time to bang on the system – metaphorically, of course! This is where we make sure all the 1s and 0s are doing their job so you can do yours. We will also provide test cases based upon our design document, which ensures every aspect of your system is tried and tested.

Phase Six: Migration and Go-Live

And now … the moment you’ve been waiting for! Alongside your IT team, we get your system in-place and live for your user base.

Prior to migrating, we build a checklist of tasks, assignees, and dates to make sure nothing is missed. And yes, we are available outside of business hours so that there can be as little impact as possible to your end users.

Once you’re live, the project team is allocated post-Go Live to provide the continued support of your solution in Production for up to 30 days. Throughout the 30 days, the project team completes a knowledge transfer with our Customer Care team to ensure a seamless transition between implementation and long-term support.