A transformational conversation Data Conversion

Maybe your business has grown. Maybe you need more functionality. Maybe you just won’t make it through another work day having to deal with your legacy imaging system. In any sense, you’ve come to the brave conclusion that you need to convert your digital documents into a new enterprise content management system (ECM).

First of all, congrats! That’s no easy truth for any business owner.

After all, every one of your customer relationships hinges on the successful conversion of all sensitive data from their current home system into a whole new world. Think you have too much data to convert? Think again. We regularly support the conversion of hundreds of millions (sometimes billions!) of documents.

legacy systems
Billion documents converted
Terabytes of files converted

At ImageSoft, we call that world OnBase® by Hyland. OnBase is a turn-key home for all your data and document storage needs. Categorized with metadata, every document is indexed by the information that OnBase reads and recognizes when someone keys a system-wide search. And if your staff is note-orious for making document notes (dry pun intended), those will also be in full-transit.

We know data conversion is stressful. We also know that highly-technical, infrequent and overly jargoned chats about a universally-applied cookie-cutter process doesn’t relieve your uncertainties, let alone give you the best feeling about handing over the lifeblood of your organization.

So we developed our own approach.

ImageSoft Way

It’s no coincidence that the words “conversion” and “conversation” are so similar. From your initial inquiry to even after complete implementation, our solution engineers are in consistent conversation with you. Because conversion is an insight-driven process, we want to better understand your business and data, where you are versus where you want to be, how the end-result should look and feel, your concerns over everything implementation, and ensure you fully understand and agree to every step.


Don’t worry – we will do the heavy lifting, but we need you to guide us along. After all, understanding the steps of conversion is much more critical than the actual implementation or even choosing a technology. It’s through iterative and collaborative conversations, phone calls and meetings that we can design an implementation process that fits your organization’s needs. As a partner in the conversion process, your input and feedback are crucial. We want to ensure that you fully trust our service will meet your needs.


As we progress through your conversion, there will be a series of check-points along the way. After we clearly understand your data and objectives, we’ll design a plan for implementation that you will approve. Next, we apply your business requirements to develop and work through a collaborative testing phase that ensures all your bases are covered. Only after you feel good about the results and accept every phase will we execute those identical set of steps on your actual data. Each step in an organization’s conversion process needs to be fully understood, accepted, and completed before the overall conversion can come full circle.

What Should my Organization Expect?

Only that none of your fears will become realities.

Orchestrated with your business model in mind, we coordinate any necessary down-time around your organization’s convenience. Often times, our customers will close on Friday using their old software and be live with their new system on Monday.

In terms of general processing, our approach is to perform most of the activities in a stand-alone system. This means your staff will have complete access to the data they need and can continue to work without affecting the conversion effort. Most of the time, your staff doesn’t even know there’s behind-the-scenes construction being done!