Vendor Management Solutions

Visibility for better vendor management

Whether you’re juggling wholesalers, retailers, suppliers or buyers, your accounts payable staff needs a way to organize the hundreds or thousands of vendors’ files in one easy-to-locate place. Vendor relationships are crucial to your long-term business success and if their information is scattered or separated, you risk slowing down operations.

Our Vendor Management Solution improves your processes, allowing you to maintain productive relationships, minimize risk and better manage vendor content. We integrate with vendors’ ERP systems including SAP®, PeopleSoft®, Infor Lawson, Oracle, JD Edwards and Dynamics. When we utilize OnBase, accounting, purchasing and other personnel can interact with vendor-specific information, compliance documents, contract details and correspondence in one central location.

  • Vendors can submit their own onboarding information into an online electronic form, through a self-service portal.
  • An automatic workflow routes the form to employees for review and approval.
  • Approved information is posted directly to your vendor master file in your ERP.
  • Receive checklists for required documents while sending automated emails to vendors missing information, such as a W-9 form.

When we give you the window to manage both the data and documents together as a single electronic transaction, your visibility and control dramatically improves for the entire the vendor management process.

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Solution Summary: Better Vendor Management

Automate your vendor management process and improve visibility with all content in one place