Electronic signature automation

John Hancock, meet truesign

Because most signatures today don’t live up to the historic penmanship that set the standard for officiating documents, we decided to revolutionize the concept a bit.

The electronic equivalent of illegibly scribbling your autograph, TrueSign is an easy-to-use electronic signature application. Originally designed for courts, TrueSign’s electronic signature application allows users to create legally-compliant eSignatures that are well-suited for signing contracts, approvals, and more in almost every industry.


Using an electronic signature pad, TrueSign users freehand their moniker once and store it as an on-file rendition of their signature. Being able to call on this electronic signature empowers users to keep a paperless workflow in motion by stamping a non-alterable overlay of their stored signature onto any document. If necessary, signers can also add descriptive text to their eSignature, such as the date, time or other details that might pertain to the authorization. Electronic “sign here” flags walk the authorizer through every document, signaling them to stop and affix their signature in all the necessary places with a single point-and-click. Once completed, the signed file is then tracked on a full audit trail and saved as a revision of the original document, which preserves the initial file and its integrity.


TrueSign backs up your signature with guaranteed security and accuracy. Forged signatures are no longer a threat, and all document signatures are easily tracked and audited. Not only is your signature now more significant, but the process is also now more efficient. Real-time eSignatures with backed-up, original copies mean you no longer have to print and manually sign documents. That kind of savings on paper and printing costs means more green in the environment and in your budget.


Electronic signatures empower signers to keep up with increasing necessaries of what’s important to them without breaking their constant flow of progress. And with TrueSign, the opportunities for you and your operations are endless:

  • Completely Compliant: All signatures made via TrueSign adhere to court-compliant signature rules and those of many other electronic signature applications.
  • Capture and Audit: With the time, name and title of signers now automatically attached to their signature, a little ad hoc signing isn’t going to jeopardize anything. And with full audit trails, TrueSign allows for secure proxy signing.
  • Seals and Stamps: TrueSign also seals and stamps. Truly! When they need to, users are able to choose from a selection of electronic stamps to approve or reject a document, or attach a Seal of Approval or Emblem.
  • One-Click Workflow: TrueFiling can simply display documents for users, or go one step further and automate them into a one-click signing workflow process, which is compatible with OnBase by Hyland and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • White Out and Redaction: While we can’t prevent human mistakes, we can help fix them. TrueSign allows authorized users to edit a document before signing it. This could mean checking boxes, redacting sensitive details, adding information, and even correcting spelling errors. And, of course, these changes are all saved as a non-alterable revision of the original copy.

Capabilities Beyond the Dotted Line

Designed with today’s increasingly mobile and remote world in mind, TrueSign’s expanded functionality meets the dynamic needs of notaries, courts, attorneys, pro se litigants, and more. Explore TrueSign’s top features in the infographic below.

Go Beyond the Dotted Line

Pen productivity into every interaction, one dotted line at a time. Enjoy a complimentary, live demo and learn more about composing a TrueSignature below.

TrueSign’s One Stop Shop 

What is TrueSign? How does it work? Why use it? All these questions and more, including a snapshot of all benefits, in the overview below.