Electronic Signatures That Go Beyond the Dotted Line


It probably isn’t too difficult to imagine a scenario where legally compliant, mobile signing is a necessity – take the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, for example.

With a significant portion of the workforce going remote and busy, on-the-go schedules, auditable data integrity and mobile accessibility are no longer luxuries – they’re essential criteria that legacy signing platforms just can’t meet.

Hosted in the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud and developed from the perspective of both document builders and signers, TrueSign pens productivity and peace of mind into every interaction, for every possible scenario.

Signature Capabilities

TrueSign’s commitment to taking your signature “beyond the dotted line” means providing you with more than just standard electronic signing abilities. We’ve transformed the framework of what was once a simple digital signing solution and built it out to be a compliant, document tracking system, your digital courier, an eSignature platform and a comprehensive suite of your digital ecosystem.

Journey through TrueSign’s blueprint functionality to see what is “truly” made of in the dropdowns below.

Built-In Regulatory Checkpoints

Meet increasingly stringent compliance standards and gain the confidence of your business partners, staff and public with TrueSign’s built-in “RegTech.”

Complete audit trails trace your document throughout its lifecycle, ensuring transparency to its chain of custody and proxy signatures by tracking user’s names, document interactions, the date and time of use. External signing is safeguarded by email verification and optional password protections, which are chosen by the document builder. Redactions and other confidentiality revisions can be made directly on the document before sending a revised copy out for public eyes, while an original copy is maintained for your records.


With several data integrity checkpoints in place, mobility is made easy.

Hosted in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, TrueSign is available to anyone with secure internet access. Equipped only with their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, TrueSign users are among the most empowered in today’s remote workforce – able to securely sign with their finger, a stylus, a mouse or a mobile signing pad.

One of our customer’s favorite features is real-time, QR code signing. In a Zoom meeting and need to sign paperwork alongside your colleagues? Use your phone to scan the document’s QR code, and watch your phone transform into a signature pad. The signature from your phone will then be applied to the on-screen document.

Use-Case Versatility

Subscribe to usability in today’s on-the-world without sacrificing integrity. When seamlessly integrated with a digital workflow, such as OnBase, TrueSign meets users and their singers exactly where they are, making it just as easy to share documents and apply signatures from external, non-TrueSign users as it is to share and collect internal signatures.

The QR code functionality outlined under “Mobility” accounts for real-time signature needs.

Easy Set-Up & Integrations

IT personnel love TrueSign’s quick and simple integrations, made possible by our low code, “signature” API integration. Doing so makes it easy to couple TrueSign with existing digital workflows for a truly, end-to-end digital process. Microsoft SharePoint and OnBase by Hyland are two of TrueSign’s most compatible, third-party systems.

Once TrueSign is installed, setting up an account takes only a matter of minutes. Users also have the option of simply signing in with existing Google or Microsoft user accounts.

Capabilities Beyond the Dotted Line

Designed with today’s increasingly mobile and remote world in mind, TrueSign’s expanded functionality meets the dynamic needs of notaries, courts, attorneys, pro se litigants, and more. Explore TrueSign’s top features in the infographic below.

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