TrueSign: e-Signatures In Your Pocket

Mobile Document Signing for internal and external users

Collecting signatures can be one of the most time-consuming tasks on your agenda. Whenever a third party is involved, you need to schedule  time, travel to an agreed upon location, mail out the document, or squeeze in a meeting just to get a signature. With more workplaces adopting remote or hybrid environments, more organizations are relying on technology to bridge the gap and get signatures electronically.

TrueSign is a user-friendly digital signature platform that transforms any mobile device into a signature pad. Users can sign via email, text, or QR code. The document is sent to the signer with required fields that can be filled in via smartphone, tablet, or computer. All TrueSign electronic signatures are backed by digital certificates that track the public key and authenticate all submissions.


Digital Signature Capabilities

TrueSign’s commitment to taking your signature “beyond the dotted line” means providing you with more than just standard electronic signing abilities. We’ve transformed the framework of electronic signatures and built it out to be a compliant document tracking system, digital courier, and comprehensive suite of your digital ecosystem. TrueSign signatures are Advanced Electronic Signatures that are validated and assessed at the app level. Through secure and unique account usernames and passwords, TrueSign can identify and authenticate a user each time they utilize the app for signing. TrueSign digital signatures are supported by features such as:

Built-In Regulatory Checkpoints

Meet increasingly stringent compliance standards and gain the confidence of your business partners, staff and public with TrueSign’s built-in “RegTech.”

Complete audit trails trace your document throughout its lifecycle, ensuring transparency to its chain of custody and proxy signatures by tracking users’ names, document interactions, and the date and time of use. External signing is safeguarded by optional password protections, which are chosen by the document builder. Envelopes with “sign here” placeholders can be created and sent out for electronic signature while an original, unmarked copy is maintained for your records.


Simple e-Signing with mobile Access

The TrueSign platform allows internal and external users to sign documents from anywhere. Requests can be sent via email, text, or QR code to instantly transform a device into a functioning electronic signature pad. Signers can fill out a document in minutes, send it back, and be on their way.

TrueSign signers are among the most empowered in today’s tech-savvy workforce – able to sign from their own device, in real-time, on-the-go. Documents can be sent and signed during a video conference to ensure there are no questions and to watch the turnaround happen in the moment. No more waiting for a response or tracking mail – send the document off while you’re on a call, and get a signature back instantly.

Use-Case Versatility

Subscribe to usability in today’s on-the-go world without sacrificing integrity. When seamlessly integrated with a digital workflow, such as OnBase, TrueSign meets users and signers exactly where they are, making it just as easy to share documents and apply digital signatures. Customers use TrueSign for:

  • Contracts
  • Official Documents
  • Approval Documents
  • Registration
  • Government Orders or Bills
  • Release of Records
  • Agreements
  • Employee Onboarding
  • And more!

Courts and the Justice System have some very strict rules and regulations that must be adhered to. TrueSign has FBI-level security in place to ensure that all captured signatures are compliant with these court orders and can be used confidently in the courtroom and behind the scenes. The Justice System is a major player in the signature collection industry, and TrueSign is dedicated to making the task simple, straightforward, and unbelievably reliable.

Easy Set-Up & Integrations

IT personnel love TrueSign’s quick and simple integrations, made possible by our low code, “signature” API integration. Doing so makes it easy to couple TrueSign with existing digital workflows for a truly end-to-end digital process. Microsoft SharePoint and OnBase by Hyland are two of TrueSign’s most compatible, third-party systems.

Once you’ve signed up for TrueSign, setting up an account takes only a matter of minutes. Users also have the option of simply signing in with existing Google or Microsoft user accounts.

User-Friendly Digital Signatures

TrueSign was developed to simplify the signature collection process. As such, it’s been developed to be user-friendly and easy to follow. Any TrueSign document can be signed using a guided tutorial that walks a user step-by-step through the fields they need to fill out. There are also page tours for improving understanding of the platform from the back end.

In addition, TrueSign offers automated notifications to remind signers they have a document pending, alert organizations when a document has been signed, and remind users when their envelope count is running low.

Security You Can Count On

Electronic signatures are commonly being used on legally binding documents, particularly in the court and justice space. These files may contain sensitive or confidential information. You need security that can protect both sender and signer as your document travels digitally from Point A to Point B. TrueSign offers automatic digital certificates, email delivery tracking, signer permissions settings, optional passcode protection, and more to give you peace of mind. A dedicated support team is just a call away if you ever run into problems or have questions about security.

Electronic Signature Organization Made Easy

While a digital library is inherently neater than stacks of physical documents, organization is still key. Signed documents aren’t much use if you can’t find them when you need them. TrueSign is an organization pro, offering envelopes for multi-document sharing/signing, templates for frequently used documents, recorded digital certificates for authenticity, automatic summary certificates to keep records up-to-date, and bulk user import.

In addition, TrueSign offers an Admin View to keep things organized from the back end. Admin View is a centralized area for administrators to manage templates, users, API integrations, view logs, and other important records/data. Everything is kept in one location for a quick and comprehensive view whenever needed.

TrueSign was created to make lives easier, so we made organization a top priority. After all, an organized database is the best way to keep the signing process moving like a well-oiled machine.

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Capabilities Beyond the Dotted Line

Designed with today’s increasingly mobile and remote world in mind, TrueSign’s expanded functionality meets the dynamic needs of notaries, courts, attorneys, pro se litigants, and more. Explore TrueSign’s top features in the infographic below.

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