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Your Human Resources staffers may be your most overworked employees and they definitely deal with their share of stress. After all, they’re trying to keep everyone in line while making sense of benefits packages, seeking out new talent, and on the flip side, often having to give the talk when it’s time to let someone go. Now, add the endless paperwork and forms used to keep the search and hire process going, and you’ve likely got key personnel ready to run for the hills.

But what if things could be different for HR, a world long-ruled by paper and labor-intensive processes? ImageSoft can come in and design an enterprise content management (ECM) solution, essentially freeing up your staff so they can focus on the high-value assignments of employee retention and professional development. Our Human Resources Solution using OnBase, integrates with your Human Capital Management (HCM) systems and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) so you can maximize your employees’ effort and time. Your HR staff can retrieve employee documents and data without venturing away from their familiar interface.

Paper forms are gone making way for a transparent, faster process. Automating tasks and offering a central place to track key HR processes like evaluations, vacation requests and forms-based tasks. You’re automating routing and tracking approvals so your HR management is speedy, seamless and secure.


If every company is only as good as its people, then you need to hire the best candidates faster than the competition. Yesterday’s snail-moving employee recruitment and selection process isn’t going to fly. With the OnBase Recruitment and Selection Software, your recruiters can capture, store and route applicant forms electronically, freeing up time previously spent pushing paper and allowing them to focus on courting the best candidates for the job. With OnBase, prospective candidates get notified that their application was received and they may later get a request to set up an interview or a courtesy email that they are not being pursued at this time. You can even search with key words for candidates. For example, you can seek out those with “Java” experience to narrow the search. With easy access to the information centrally located in OnBase, you can make smarter, faster hiring decisions. You’ll have offer letter templates at your fingertips and you’ll automatically get notified when an applicant responds.


Accelerate employee onboarding and make it better. You want to give your new employees a smooth transition and OnBase HR tools let you do this with automation, increased visibility and centralized information. Employee service is enhanced by increasing onboarding efficiency. You need your new employees to feel comfortable from day one and well-prepared to do their jobs.


Storing employee documentation has always been a monumental challenge. And what happens when it’s time to get rid of a file after five years—is someone going to go through old files and shred them? No. OnBase can do a look up and send an alert if it’s time to delete a file. OnBase’s software stores employee records in one central location so your HR staff isn’t wasting precious recruiting hours by digging for information already in your system. You get what you need: secure, instant access to employee information. Files are captured and stored electronically whether they’re scanned, faxed or emailed. You can retrieve the employee documents you need without leaving your HR software system.


Managing the review process is a huge time-saver for HR. Employees and managers receive an alert when someone is up for review. You can also track what has been covered in the review and who has and hasn’t completed it. You don’t have to go to three different websites, give credentials and then worry about the data you fill in not being saved.


Organization creates an automated, paperless HR environment fully integrated with its existing ERP application


Accelerate and improve the employee onboarding process with OnBase


Reclaim your staff’s time


Manage all employee records on a single platform