Contract manegement Solutions

Contract Management in your control

Talk about streamlining! With an ImageSoft contract management solution you can electronically track revisions and route them back and forth internally to review, approve and execute. And if you really want to make things easy, go on and add a digital signature to boot.


When a request for a new contract is in motion, the legal department is involved and the first step is determining if a contract exists, or if it’s from a new vendor. OnBase will let you know the status of a contract so you don’t have to keep calling various departments asking where the contract is. You can also create subcontracts from the master agreement. OnBase allows for multiple contracts and vendors.


Your designated staff reviews each contract and makes sure that the correct legal language is included. The recipient reviews their contract, and nowhere in this process are trees harmed.


A shared redline process lets different people strikethrough contract terminology that creates risk or does not apply. Noting what needs to be removed from the original contract preps you for revisions.


OnBase shows all the changes and discussion around edits, so you know why a certain clause was added in the contract. The revision process remains stress-free because it involves automatic tracking. You’ll avoid delays with remote and mobile access to contracts and approvals. And when it’s time to sign, electronic signatures step up the pace.


When a contract is up for renewal, OnBase sends an automatic notification, helping your team stay on top of expires, which are often a huge challenge.

ImageSoft’s contract management solutions support a variety of contract types, including vendor contracts, employment agreements and NDAs. Since our secure portal and OnBase interact naturally, you can share relevant files automatically as part of the contract management solution, even if your vendors don’t have OnBase.

When you discover that you no longer have to search for contract information and manually route it, you’ll find that the contract cycle time is shorter and your operating costs are lower. And life’s just easier.


Standardize contract practices and gain a 360-degree view of all contract-related information


Take control of the contract management process and cut processing time


5 ways to take back your contract management process with ECM