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AP Efficiency needed, Stat!

The few, the overwhelmed, the mighty accounts payable staffers sit buried beneath files suitable for three times the staff you have. What if you could take control of your invoice processing and get it done faster, easier and economically smarter?

The arduous, sound-the-alarm angst of accounts payable staffers can be zen-like smiles, sighs and quick key clicks with the ease of ImageSoft’s AP solution. Using OnBase, we capture, access, route and process documents and data before your AP manager can even say, “HELP ME!”

And, YES, we’re able to integrate with your current software. We can exchange data with nearly every ERP system. By integrating OnBase with your organization’s existing applications, your staff faces less stress and transitioning to learn new software and is happier overall. ImageSoft offers specific ERP integrations with OnBase for:

  • Workday
  • SAP
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • PeopleSoft
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Infor Lawson
  • And more…

Electronically managing the documents and information that your department revolves around, improves your entire work environment and the morale of your team. Life is easier. Less time drudging over mundane tasks means more time concentrating on key financial issues.


Invoices and other documents arrive from various sources and locations and in different formats. Capturing and organizing the imperative financial information is a major challenge for accounting departments. With our accounts payable automated solution, we make sure your data is captured and saved electronically, regardless of whether it was sent by email, fax, EDI or mail.


Cumbersome keying is no longer needed. Really! You can let go of the burden of manually keying data and the risk of error that comes with it. For example, if Ron in accounting didn’t drink his full Americano and he’s functioning a little foggy today, he may have entered a few wrong digits. Now, if ImageSoft automates your software with our accounts payable solution, every invoice gets accurate attention (with or without caffeine). So, Ron’s slip doesn’t need to slow the whole process down. And when you need to index other related documents, the solution can index the invoice date, amount, and vendor information by the PO number. So, gone are the days to re-key the same information even 10 times when you have larger orders with multiple packing slips. And we can make it easy to capture documents from shipping or remote offices and leave the indexing to the pros. We configure our AP solution to send all that invoice information to your ERP system, eliminating another re-keying step. Less manual keying brings huge savings for companies. Removing extra steps allows for an AP process that screams efficiency.


A major time factor in the accounts payable process is reviewing invoices. The reviewer accesses the relevant information which may mean digging through paper files, packing slips, receipts or purchase orders. Or, maybe he is waiting for other departments to send the information and then he needs to mull over all the data and see that it is matching. Now, when we bring you our AP Solution, the documents are already captured and can be easily matched up across various departments. So, when you click to view documents from your ERP system, or within an OnBase Invoice Review queue, the information is right there so you can make fast business decisions without clicking back and forth from multiple screens.


How do invoices get delivered to the right person if you are waiting on someone checking their email, or getting to their inter-office mail or faxes? It’s a layered puzzle you don’t have to worry about when you have our highly configurable Workflow to route invoices around your organization with a click of a button. Our AP Automation Solution checks with your ERP system to figure out whom to deliver the invoice to. And when you or other employees need a reminder, OnBase takes care of it, sending that oft-needed nudge or notification. You can program approval reminders so you can act on notifications instantly on your mobile iPhone, iPad, Windows or Android device, and give the green light to an invoice whether you’re on the golf course or at your kid’s choir concert. When you open an email notification, you can approve it immediately or reject it, right from your email with one click. Your real-time dashboard lets you check on the status of any invoice so you can stay on top of any holdups. You can even prioritize invoices that give discounts if you pay early, saving you more money because OnBase already offers affordability.


If a typical invoice takes an hour manually, an exception could be three to four hours of added fun. No one wants the time-consuming mess of exceptions that may have previously been tracked in Excel spreadsheets or with stacks of papers on a desk. Fortunately, now they can be looked at in one place digitally. OnBase can identify problems upfront. We configure OnBase to help you track missing documents, vendor addresses that changed or purchase orders that are mismatched from the invoice. When disruptions get called out early on, your clean invoices pass without interruptions and you can designate the exceptions for a separate queue and for different staffers to handle. Plus, you can securely share invoices, purchase orders and other documents with vendors and creditors to speed the process even more. Our Vendor Portal lets you share relevant files automatically inside and outside your organization even if the recipients don’t have access to OnBase.

When ImageSoft designs your accounts payable solution, everything you need to succeed is a click away.

With a Little Help from RPA Friends

Did you know there are behind-the-scene workers who can do our grudge-work? They don’t clean dishes, but RPA bots are known to scrub the grimy parts of work right off our plates.

Look through the bots’ resume and learn how, by employing scalable robotic process automation, you’re able to fulfill all data processing needs while saving time and money.

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