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It’s our forward-thinking (really good!) people creating highly-effective digitized workflow solutions you never saw coming. We give you what you need and more than you asked for.

Accounts Payable

Revving up your finance and accounting processes when we add our AP solution is a life-changer. You score inter-departmental processing, better decision making and the smooth ability to share critical information with the right people.

Contract Management

Streamlining the contract management process has never been easier than with our solution.You will say goodbye to paper, sign documents electronically, and operate more efficiently and securely.

Human Resources

Gain access to prospective and current employee documents and information directly from within the application when we seamlessly integrate with your human capital management (HCM) system.

Vendor Management

When you need to handle the content and information for people who aren’t on staff. Our solution will improve your processes, minimize risk and let you maintain productive vendor relationships.

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We’re all about faster,
smarter solutions

We’ll take paperwork off your hands—the filing, the lifting, the searching, the shuffling, the sorting, the shifting. Less time keying, carrying and yes, we’ll say it, cussing at files. When we digitize your work world, life’s just better.

Every business and industry has its Back Office—the behind-the-scenes staff running finance, human resources and the endless legal contracts and paperwork. When we bring you solutions with OnBase you can let go of your paper dependency and welcome increased transparency with affordable, easily-configured options and a major return on your investment.

Legally Compliant Electronic Signatures

TrueSign enables users to electronically sign or stamp a document in real time and eliminates the need to print, sign, then rescan documents, reducing paper and printing costs, improving efficiency and expediting the signature process. Using TrueSign also increases the security and accuracy of the signing process, prevents the wrong person from accidentally signing a document, and provides the ability to track and audit all document signatures.

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Benefits of TrueSign