Since the 2020 pandemic, Molly’s workplace has become sustainably remote.

Without a commute, Molly sets her alarm a little later, gets in more exercise between meetings, enjoys not having to remember her lunch or pay for take-out, and loves catching up on her homeowner chores in between work.

All is right with her world until one day, in a business meeting, Molly is asked to sign some timely business agreements with her work’s business partner. Not having an eSignature platform, Molly, somewhat embarrassed, asks her colleagues to email her the documents and promises to have signed copies back by the end of the day. She spends the rest of her afternoon scrambling to find a printer and a scanner so she can wet ink a signature and sent it back in PDF form before 5pm. Meanwhile, more documents to sign are flooding her inbox.

Who could’ve seen this coming?!

Electronic Signing for Business Contracts, Human Resources, Courts and More

We are all Molly, aren’t we?

So focused on standing up big picture processes, such as secure storage and delivery, that we overlooked the day-to-day functions that stitch it all together, like remote signing.

Another challenge that isn’t always so obvious is that not all electronic signing platforms are created equal. Most only offer options for clunky mouse signing (and, if we’re being honest, no one’s autograph ever looks like that choppy chicken scratch) or a limited number of preset font-style signatures that only offer your name – no titles, bar numbers, or time of signature are available.

This presents a significant problem for legally binding documents in the eyes of the law, where Judges, Clerks, attorneys and others need to validate as much information as possible with their signature, or for authenticating business contracts or HR documents. And unless you’re able to real-time sign in front of your colleagues (which, with most platforms, you’re not), this presents a huge weak spot for compromised document integrity, noncompliance, missed deadlines or delayed justice – yikes!

Real-Time, Compliant, and Remote-Friendly: QR Code Signatures with TrueSign

Frustrated by these same challenges, the developers of TrueSign got innovative with their blueprints.

You know those QR Codes that so many restaurants now offer in place of menus? TrueSign offers the same, contactless, real-time service for eSignatures.

Let’s revisit Molly’s video conference but, this time, playing out with TrueSign’s QR-code capability.

All is right with her world. One day, on a virtual business meeting, Molly is asked to sign some timely agreements with her work’s partner company. With the documents being presented to her on screen, Molly clicks the “sign here” anchor by her name and is presented with a few options: sign with her pre-set signature stamps, complete with her credentials and an exact time of signature, or sign in real time with the provided QR Code. Choosing the QR Code option, Molly grabs her smartphone and scans the code. Instantly, her smartphone is turned into a signature pad. Using her finger, Molly signs her phone and clicks “submit.” Within seconds, Molly’s phone signature is now applied to the on-screen document. Impressed, her colleagues continue through the paperwork until all signing anchors are complete. Molly signs off and enjoys the rest of her afternoon on a sunny walk with her dog.”

What Do QR Code Signatures Really Mean?

Aside from delighted colleagues and real-time efficiency, QR Code signatures present utmost security. Signing those documents from her phone was just as reliable as wet inking them in-person – everyone saw Molly sign in real-time, she could validate her identity by showing her driver’s license on screen, and recorded video conferences could prove it all. Not to mention that TrueSign’s complete history traces all document interactions, so how Molly chose to sign, the exact date and time can all be verified.

It also offers unparalleled mobility. If a work emergency calls on you after hours, and you’re not at your typical workstation, you can still eSign with confidence, straight from your mobile device, and be done before your kids are finished texting their friends.

TrueSign on the Big Screen

Before coming to a smartphone screen near you, TrueSign can be found in a few, short “ImageSoft Original” videos on Molly might not be there, but other recognizable ImageSoft stars get into character to demo TrueSign, start to finish, in its most popular use cases, including business contracts, human resources, and court cases.

Not only will you see the QR Code capability play out, but all other aspects of TrueSign as well – pairing with digital workflows for utmost efficiency, no-hassle eSigining for external users outside of TrueSign, drag-and-drop creation of sign and date anchors on documents, and much more.

And if you want to join in on the fun for yourself, we encourage you to test drive the TrueSign experience for yourself. Pay a visit to and click “Try a Live Demo” at the top of the homepage, which is where you can test out your “TrueSignature.”

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