Let’s get nostalgic for just a moment.

Time travel back to the giddy feeling of celebrating the holiday season as a kid. The festive decorations were fun, the cookies we snuck before dinner were delicious and hearing our parents sing along (usually off-key) to holiday favorites in the car set an all-around more spirited tone.

But, as kids, nothing put more pep in our step, or added incentive to be extra good, than the heavy-weight, colorful catalogs stuffed in our mailboxes! Macy’s, Toys R Us, Sears and so many others would be waiting on the table when we got home from school. With a pen in one hand, ready to circle, you’d flip through the perfumed, freshly printed pages of toys, gadgets, clothes and all the endless possibilities of what might end up wrapped in a bow with your name on it. Despite knowing we wouldn’t get everything on that list, the process of making one was a holiday tradition in itself.

Somewhere along the way, however, we lost the magic of envisioning possibilities – the courage to want something despite not knowing where to begin. We think we’re too “adult” to make wish lists and that earmarking the pages of our ideas for the future is a frivolous waste of time.

The Magic Happens When You Start to Believe

In the spirit of the holidays, let us reassure you that keeping your mind open to possibilities is more important now than ever. Sure, maybe we’re shopping for a new eSignature tool instead of a Lego set, but the concept remains: the world needs your innovation. You’re not just keeping up with the world – you’re setting the pace. The practices you adopt and the standards you set are what shape every-day life.

Think about the insurance agency that adopted mobile options. Now, their customers don’t have to wait for an agent to arrive on the scene of an accident – they can simply take a few pictures and, in minutes, submit them through a mobile portal. Or the Court that has adopted Online Dispute Resolution for its small claims and traffic cases. Because of this option, the busy mom who’s trying to manage her legal matters in between a full-time job and keeping up with her kids can take care of her case when it’s convenient for her – not to mention the courthouse’s foot traffic is reserved for more urgent cases. And we can’t forget the countless government agencies who have adopted the “Take Me Home” project, allowing law enforcement and first responders to communicate more effectively and compassionately with individuals who have special needs. Not only does the portal help law enforcement understand their circumstances, but it provides an emergency contact and home residence to ensure a safe return home.

Let’s Compare Lists!

Maybe, as a kid,  you would jot down your wish list and check it twice before calling up a friend to ask what was on their list – and thank goodness you did because, somehow, you forgot the light-up Battleship game on page 64!

To help set your visions in motion, we checked in with ImageSoft’s department heads to see what would be on their wish-list as a customer headed into 2021.

So grab your notebook, and let’s see what they had to say:

Crystal Iverson, Vice President of Professional Services:

The ImageSoft Way is one of my favorite things! It’s a step-by-step protocol that we follow in all our customer projects. This guide gives us and the customer a trusted foundation to build from, and also keep projects on track.”

Vince Hanson, Vice President of Business Development:

“I would love an online dispute resolution tool! It offers case management, encrypted communications, secure file sharing, and is perfect for the increasingly remote culture.”

Michelle Telecky, Director of Product Development:

TrueFiling is definitely on my list of most favorite things! Especially this year, as we try to navigate out of the pandemic and shift most of our country into remote working environments, I love that TrueFiling provides Court filers with an option to safely and efficiently connect with the courts from their own homes!”

Tom Hansel, Vice President of Technical Services:

“At the top of your list, don’t forget to include leveraging OnBase as a SaaS model – one of the many customer perks in partnering with ImageSoft! And because it’s the holidays, I’m going to indulge a bit and list a second must-have: Customer Care provides stellar, personable support, which is something you really can’t put a price tag on.”

Want Us to Check Your List Twice?

Maybe your process automation list is born out of several immediate needs and also some longer-term goals, but you’re not sure which wish-list items would set you on track for your own, personal vision for paperless success. Through the webchat option to the right of your screen or on the contact us page, send us a quick note of what you have in mind and we’ll write out a list of options for you.

And you don’t even have to leave out cookies for us – although, if you want to, that’s always a nice touch!

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