Everyone loves a good BOGO (that’s “Buy One Get One” if you haven’t been shopping in a while). It’s one of the most popular sales and promotional tactics because it adds twice the perceived value to the purchase. The logic makes sense – I may get excited to buy one product, but I’ll be even more excited to get two for the price of one!

A BOGO doesn’t need to be “buy Product A and get another Product A.” In many cases, it’s “buy Product A and get Product B.” However, some BOGOs don’t require two products at all! Customers are typically just as thrilled to purchase Product A and get Service A or Warranty A. For ImageSoft, we stick to this kind of BOGO. When you work with us, you aren’t just buying a product – we offer support and assistance as well!

The ImageSoft BOGO

When it comes to the products and solutions we have to offer, it doesn’t make much sense to offer two of the same. Digital solutions are more of a “one and done” deal. For example, Vault for Digital Evidence Management is extremely beneficial the first time, but having a duplicate would be pretty redundant. We also avoid offering a free different product, because our solutions are not one size fits all. If you need TrueSign to collect electronic signatures, that doesn’t automatically mean you would benefit from TrueFiling. So, rather than have a product BOGO, we offer top-quality support with each solution.

  • Custom Solutions: The first real bonus you get when you choose to work with ImageSoft is the ability to customize your solution. Our team members are experts in customizing a solution to best suit your organization’s unique needs. All products are scalable, and we work with flexible pricing models to ensure you stay within a budget you can afford. All ImageSoft products can be easily integrated with new and existing business applications so that your team doesn’t have to relearn their entire job. If any custom code is required, our experts will work with you during implementation to guide you through using the solution and troubleshoot any issues. If your needs change later, we can work with you to adapt the technology accordingly. We currently offer solutions that work with OnBase by Hyland Software, and we have products that can stand alone.
  • Cloud Storage: While not required, all of our solutions can be housed in the cloud. Not only is cloud storage more convenient, but it is typically more affordable, and you get more bang for your buck. Contrary to popular belief, the cloud is not easy to breach, so you can rest easy knowing that your data is secure. ImageSoft utilizes the Microsoft Azure Cloud to provide the utmost protection possible. Your information will be housed fully or partially in the cloud, making those files accessible 24/7 from anywhere. You’ll free up a lot of physical space in your office, and you won’t be limited by file size. The cloud can handle even your largest documents, making it easy to organize everything in one place.
  • Professional Services: If the other options weren’t enough, you also get Professional Services on your side when you work with us! This team is responsible for designing, building, and implementing your solution. We know that not everyone is a technical expert, so we have a team of engineers on deck for all clients. You’ll meet your Professional Services team in an introductory meeting, and you’ll work closely with them throughout the six stages of implementation. You’ll be kept in the loop for each step so you can see how your solution is coming along.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

As you can see, ImageSoft’s BOGO has a lot to offer. We understand how important it is to keep your solutions running smoothly, so all customers are privy to our team of experts. Unlike the BOGO on flip flops at Old Navy, the ImageSoft BOGO isn’t a one-and-done deal. You get use out of all our offerings year-round, and it only gets better over time. You’ll form a close working relationship with our team that makes speaking with support far less daunting. We keep an eye on the back end of things so that you can focus on running your organization. Our customers are our family, and we treat them as such no matter how big or small their package with us is.

If you’re ready to get more for your money, reach out to the ImageSoft team! We are happy to provide demonstrations for any of our products so you can see how they work. We cater to both the public and private sectors with a specialization in Justice, Government, and Insurance. Take a look through our services at https://imagesoftinc.com/ to find out what we can do to help you grow your business. Get out there and get that BOGO!

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