Many people believe that digital solutions are simply a means to an end. They rarely think twice once implementation is complete, and they often overlook the more fun aspects of technology. Over the years, ImageSoft has worked with hundreds of customers in a variety of industries and states. We’ve noticed that we can identify which products are of interest to a prospect based not only on their business, but also on their personality and values.

Today, we want to go through some of our most popular solutions to explain what each product says about those who use it. As with any trend, these are not true 100% of the time. This is not meant to place customers into boxes, it’s just a fun compilation of our typical buyer personas per product.


If you are a TrueSign customer, you have a lot on your plate. You’re typically balancing many tasks at once, but somehow manage to get them all completed on time. You’re the type to throw yourself into your work and are usually happy to take on challenges in the office. TrueSign customers value their time and would rather focus on pressing matters rather than wasting time on smaller duties. You trust digital solutions and appreciate the ease at which you can get things done. You enjoy the fact that you don’t have to travel across the city collecting signatures so that you can get home to your family (and pets). Most TrueSign customers are very communicative and enjoy working with others to get things done. However, you know that everyone’s time is valuable, and you’re always in the market for solutions that make life more convenient.

If there’s one thing we know for certain about TrueSign customers, it’s that they are huge fans of accessibility and mobility. You’re well versed with smartphones and other devices, and you take advantage of the fact that you can bring work with you anywhere. You’re no stranger to technology, and you like to teach others how solutions like TrueSign work.


TrueFiling customers love efficiency. They are fans of life hacks, job hacks, and any tip that will help them work smarter, not harder. That’s not to say that you don’t work hard; many customers are court clerks or admins who must juggle a million things at once. You’re not afraid of hard work, you just aren’t opposed to adopting more efficient processes or solutions. TrueFiling customers are almost always open-minded individuals who aren’t afraid to take a leap of faith into a realm they’re unfamiliar with. Transitioning from paper to digital can be intimidating, but you don’t back down. If you’re a clerk or admin, we also assume that you are highly motivated and plan your days meticulously. Maybe you have a color-coded to-do list, or you’re a fan of bullet journaling. With a job like yours, you need to be organized with excellent time management skills. You would use all 24 hours of your day if given the chance, so you enjoy that eFiling takes a fraction of the time as the traditional process.

TrueFiling customers know how to embrace change. Like everyone, you might not be thrilled at first, but you always come around and realize that new processes are there to help you, not hurt you. You like that technology is streamlining communication, and you’re grateful for time back in your day that used to be spend filing papers by hand or delivering them to other offices. Clerks and admins are passionate people, and they’re fiercely loyalty to their company or office.


OnBase customers are at the forefront of digital transformation. OnBase is a system designed to help with just about all aspects of business, so customers are clearly all about efficiency and up-to-date-technology. You are far too busy to settle for legacy systems that just aren’t cutting it anymore, so you look for new avenues. When hunting for something new, you want the total package rather than bits and pieces from multiple solutions. You’re one who likes to have control and feels more confident when you can oversee things. OnBase users value communication with other departments because they do not like to have the same conversation multiple times. If accounting and product development need to hear the same message, you want it to be sent all at once. Outside of work, you enjoy researching and trying out new technology, especially if they aid in daily tasks and make life more convenient. You collaborate well with others, even in our strange new virtual world.

All OnBase users are highly organized when it comes to work. You might not always have a pristine front lawn, but your desk and files are in top shape. You have excellent time management skills to begin with, but are always on the lookout for ways to be even more efficient with your day. You are productive in your role and also love to hear about other departments and see how things are going on their end. Most importantly, you prefer to focus on important matters rather than mindless tasks. Therefore, you are happy to offload some repetitive work to automation because you understand how valuable it is.

Digital Evidence Management

Digital Evidence Management (DEM) is relatively new, so its customer base is still growing. However, from the few customers and prospects we already have, we can make some judgement calls on what this solution says about you. Firstly, anyone involved in the Justice System is hardworking and passionate. You care about getting people the justice they deserve, and you believe in equity. You have a level head and tend to look at things both logically and emotionally. Obviously, the court system can take a toll emotionally, but you’re able to push through and do the best work for clients as possible. You are not at all afraid of a challenge; in fact, you work best under pressure. You enjoy helping people in any way you can be it as an attorney, prosecutor, law enforcement officer, judge, or something else in the courts. DEM customers care about getting to the bottom of an issue. You love to problem solve and critical thinking is a skill you excel at.

If you’re a DEM customer, the bottom line is that you care about proving a point. You love a good debate and are a fan of finding research to back up your arguments and opinions. Fair treatment is important to you, as is convenience, accessibility, and efficiency. You don’t have time to manually submit evidence – you want to upload things from your own devices, anytime and anywhere.

Online Dispute Resolution

Finally, let’s chat about our Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) customers. ODR is an alternative form of mediation. As such, it’s not surprising to see that many customers don’t shy away from doing things differently. You are determined to find the most convenient and accessible solution possible to help not only yourself, but also your clients. You are the type of person people go to for help sorting out problems they’re having. You are not judgmental until you know the whole story, and you usually try to hear both sides of a situation. You are strong willed but willing to concede when shown proper evidence. You might not be the most tech-savvy person around, but you’re no stranger to communication via text, emails, calls, and video chats. In fact, you appreciate that digital options exist that allow you to keep in contact with people no matter where you are. ODR customers understand that the digital revolution is well underway, and they’re embracing the convenience and comfort that comes from taking mediation online.

ODR customers take things very seriously, but only because they care so much. You want to put your best foot forward and help others when you can. You’re not afraid to stand out because you are confident in your abilities to succeed even in untested waters. You’re likely an extrovert who people immediately feel they can trust because of the kind and caring energy you radiate.

Do these assumptions describe you? We hope you can find yourself in at least parts of these explanations. If you have more than one solution with us, you’re probably a mix of all the affiliated traits! We appreciate your support no matter which solution(s) you have, and we can say with certainty that every single ImageSoft customer is loyal, passionate, and a wonderful addition to our family. Learn more about us at

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