Believe it or not, electronic signatures have been around since the 1990’s (four decades ago!). They arose out of necessity as consumers began making online purchases. When the US realized how simple the technology was to use, they began utilizing the system for additional signatures outside of the retail space. The government, hoping to keep up with the changing times, enacted the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act in 2000 (E-SIGN Act.) It was the first act to mention eSignatures and it declared them legally binding.

As you would imagine, electronic signatures have only grown in popularity since their introduction to the world. The technology and methods used have also changed as we master tech and innovate solutions never thought possible back in 2000. TrueSign, ImageSoft’s proprietary electronic signature platform, has been evolving for years, incorporating new, convenient capabilities and adhering to the strict regulations eSignatures face. Let’s take a look at how TrueSign is making eSigning easier than ever.

Designed With Mobility in Mind

When it came to designing TrueSign, we made sure to speak with industry leaders to identify their most common challenges. One of the most frustrating problems was accessibility. Traditional signing methods require a physical pen and paper on hand. This could require waiting until it arrives in the mail, planning your workday with physical paperwork, or finding extra time to sign a document. For industries like courts and government, time is of the essence. You shouldn’t have to travel to sign a form, nor should the form have to travel to you. Electronic signatures are a great first step, but they were originally only an option with special signature pads or installed software . The TrueSign development team has addressed this problem by creating a 24/7 platform that can be accessed from anywhere there’s internet. Signers can even use their mobile phones to sign on the go without cutting into their other tasks for the day. In a live situation the turnaround can be almost immediate to keep proceedings moving at a brisk pace. Documents can be signed from the living room couch, the dinner table, the office, or anywhere someone may be when a new signature request comes in.

We paid particular attention to the mobile aspect of TrueSign. Nowadays, not many people work from a desktop computer. With the more popular remote work environment, a large majority of workers have laptops, tablets, or phones for conducting business. We are still compatible with desktops, however, we understand that our clients’ needs are changing so we made appropriate adaptations. Most notably, we gave both internal and external signers the option to immediately transform their smartphone into a signature pad.

Multiple Signing Options

People love having choices. When speaking with industry professionals, it was clear to us that the justice system, government agencies and private business owners feel the same way. Variety is the spice of life, and convenience is the garnish. We sought to create an electronic signature tool that was simple enough for everyone to use, even the not so technically savvy. In the end, our team came up with three distinct signing options that are available for all parties.

  • Email-to-Sign: The first option is email-to-sign. As the name suggests, signers will receive a link via email. By clicking the link, they can turn their mobile device into a signature pad. Email-to-sign is a perfect option in the professional world. The majority of workers check their email regularly throughout the day, so you can feel confident that it won’t be long before your signature request is seen. You can use TrueSign to send out a PDF version of your document along with a guided tutorial of how the information can be filled in. Signatures, initials, checkboxes, and more can be filled in from any smartphone, resulting in nearly immediate turnaround.
  • Text-to-Sign: On average, Americans send and receive roughly 100 texts per day. Texting is an excellent way to communicate and typically sees a faster response time than emails because people check for texts more frequently. TrueSign allows you to send a link via text that will redirect the user to use their device as an electronic signature pad. They can sign right away without any hassle.
  • QR Code Signing: Our most notable signing option is our QR-code signing. This is especially popular on video calls because the code can be sent in the chat or displayed on the screen for signatures to be collected then and there. Many smartphones have a built-in QR code scanner in the camera app, and there are countless options available for download if the signer has an older phone. As with the other options, users scan the code and are taken to a signature pad for immediate signing. Flash the QR code on the screen during a meeting call and you won’t have to wait to collect the signatures you need.

Compatible With Some of The Most Popular Video Conferencing Tools

What good is a convenient platform if it can’t be used in real-time? Unlike other electronic signature software, TrueSign requires absolutely no download or signature hardware to function. ImageSoft developed TrueSign specifically to allow businesses and individuals to utilize eSignatures during remote calls. We heard many complaints about delays caused by physical document exchange and delivery.. When businesses employ TrueSign, they can simply hop into a video conference, display the QR code or collect phone numbers or emails, and collect signatures in real-time.

Some electronic signature software is only compatible with certain video tools. Due to the download-free nature of TrueSign, we work seamlessly with the leading video conferencing apps including Teams, GoToMeeting, Zoom, WebEx, Skype, and Google Hangouts. It can be a challenge to find video tools that all parties are familiar and comfortable with. TrueSign believes that you should have the freedom to choose your platform without having to sacrifice usability. Now that many meetings are occurring via the internet, TrueSign is making it possible to collect multiple signatures on various documents during the call. Papers won’t get lost, and this avoids delays in signing.. With just a few clicks, all parties can sign from their mobile device and submit immediately.

Our team has gone above and beyond to incorporate features that help TrueSign stand out from the crowd. If ease of use is high on your “must-have” list, we’re the perfect fit for you! Our platform has many more incredible features that make collecting electronic signatures a breeze. Learn more about us at While you’re there, consider signing a test document and registering for a free trial! Reach out to the team with any questions, or to schedule a demo.

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