Regardless of the industry you work in, signatures are a necessary part of the job. Your signature acts as a seal of approval for all major business documents, so it’s required far more often than you may even realize. Contracts, checks, agreements, formal statements or letters, invoices, payroll, etc. all rely on signatures for validity. Without your name signed on the dotted line, all of those documents are null and void. Of course, signing a document isn’t a challenge in itself, but it quickly becomes a daunting task as documents pile up.

Business leaders and decision-makers are being hunted down for their signatures on a regular basis. After all, projects cannot continue without the authorization a signature denotes. As documents pile up, a 10-second signature can become a task that eats up hours of the workweek. Especially with remote or hybrid work environments these days, signing can become a major to-do. These signatures are required with as little turnaround as possible, packing on the pressure as the pile grows.

To help overcome the tedious task of signing countless documents, we developed TrueSign, an Electronic Signature platform that saves time and hassle. Today, we want to look at how TrueSign can benefit (a short example list of) various job roles that are typically responsible for signing documents as part of their day-to-day jobs. It’s important to note that the features discussed in each example extend into just about all other job roles, we just want to showcase each separately for clarity’s sake.

C-Level Executives

CEOs, CFOs, and other executives can sign remotely or employee proxy signing with TrueSign.

Generally speaking, the higher up a person is within an organization, the more valuable their signature is. C-Level Executives are on call for signatures whenever a very important document, plan, agreement, or contract is in the works. After all, getting the go-ahead from the company leaders is a clear-cut approval. TrueSign gives C-level Executives the power to sign in just seconds. They can create a digital signature one time and save it for future instances. TrueSign will save all signatures and initials to allow for one-click signing the next time.

For example, let’s say that John Smith is the CEO of an organization. The business implements TrueSign, giving Mr. Smith the option to sign everything electronically. He has a formal announcement to send to the entire organization and he wants to add his signature to show that he is the author of and approves of the letter. Mr. Smith can create an electronic signature using his mobile phone or computer and can opt to save it to the TrueSign platform. For any subsequent documents John Smith must sign, he can select his custom signature from the list of pre-sets and instantly sign without having to sign. In the long run, this will save him a lot of time while keeping his signature consistent for easy verification of outside parties.

Contract/Vendor Managers

Considering TrueSign is used very frequently for signing contracts and vendor agreements, it makes perfect sense that the managers of these things would benefit from the platform. Many organizations rely on third parties to supply them with labor, resources, shipping, or other necessary elements of their product or service. Contracts and business deals are extremely common, and each requires at least one signature to set it in motion. TrueSign is perfect for Contract Managers because it is simple, clean, and organized. Through customizable envelopes, all relevant documents can be sent out together for signatures. When returned, they can be stored as a related unit that is easily searchable and filterable for later reference.

Violet Indigo is the Contract Manager for a large corporation. She handles dozens of contractual deals each quarter and must sign off on all of them. In addition to using TrueSign to quickly sign on the dotted line, Violet can use the platform to easily refer back to old contracts, compare contracts with the same vendor, and organize old accounts. Violet compiles all contract materials into an envelope that is labeled with the other party’s name and business information. She sends out all documents as a single unit, the other party signs through the documents one by one, and the entire envelope is returned to Miss Indigo in its neat package. Violet can then filter through all of her envelopes to quickly bring up information as needed, draw up new contracts, refer to clauses in question, and more. Envelopes are saved for up to 30 days once opened to allow for future reference without cluttering up the office, filing cabinets, or storage bins.  

Proposal Managers

Proposal Managers can use TrueSign to get signatures quickly

For some job roles, you are responsible for making proposals and sending them out for signatures. Proposal Managers can reap the benefits of TrueSign thanks to the easy document creation that can greatly reduce the time it takes to edit and send proposals. The convenience of signing digitally tends to drastically reduce turnaround time as well, helping proposals get accepted and out the door in a fraction of the time of traditional processes. Template creation allows Proposal Managers to build a library of frequently sent documents, and simple anchor placement and editing ensure all fields are filled out correctly the first time.

Barry Tone is the Proposal Manager for a service company. He must create all proposals and send them to prospects for approval. If Barry has access to TrueSign, he can create templated versions of common documents like intake forms, NDAs, basic agreements, etc. All he has to do is change the name on the document to reflect the current prospect, and he can send it out for eSigning. When it comes to more complex contracts, Mr. Tone is able to create anchor points wherever a response is required. He can mark down any initials, dates, check boxes, and signature lines and make them required fields for whoever receives the proposal. He will receive the documents back with all applicable fields filled in with the correct information type. His external signers can even use TrueSign’s built-in guided signing to make sure they hit every mark on their first run through the document.


Lastly, we want to discuss one of the many ways Judges can utilize TrueSign in their day-to-day work life. Judges are required to sign off on all kinds of legal materials; they have to admit evidence to the court, sign subpoenas, authorize witness statements, and more. A Judge can very quickly get backlogged as they hear cases while getting more paperwork to complete. Many Judges turn to proxy signing in order to get everything done – that is, allowing another authorized user to sign on their behalf. Proxy signing is an enormous time saver and has become commonplace for less-pressing matters in the court.

Judge Jaquelin Channing has had a huge influx of cases over the past few weeks. She is drowning in paperwork, all of which requires her signature. With all the other work she has to do, her to-be-signed pile is growing by the day. Judge Channing turns to TrueSign as a solution to her problem. She designates a proxy signer and shares access to all the documents with them. Now, the proxy signer can make their way through a full inbox while the Judge hears cases and reads through important evidence. Judge Channing is still responsible for reading through pertinent documents prior to signing off on them, but the more routine requests can be handled by her proxy. Together, the duo is able to get signed documents out the door in no time to allow the owner of the document more time to follow up as necessary (making calls, subpoenaing witnesses, building a case around evidence, etc.). TrueSign stores all documents digitally so the Judge or proxy can review and sign them from anywhere.

Again, we want to stress that nearly all job roles can benefit from all of the features of TrueSign mentioned here. Even external signers who do nothing but sign a document can benefit from some unique features! TrueSign is really a solution built for everyone, and we’ve seen it implemented in countless industries with great success. As the world becomes more technology-driven, even “lay people” are finding reasons to use digital signatures! Some of the other fantastic features of TrueSign include:

  • Digital Certificates
  • Automatic Audit Trails
  • Text, Email, and QR Code Signing
  • Signing on Phones, Tablets, Computers, or Topaz Signature Pads
  • HIPAA and CJIS-Compliant Solution Ready
  • Flexible Pricing Models
  • Unlimited Envelopes
  • And More!

To learn more about TrueSign and to register for a Free Trial, please visit Feel free to contact the team with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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