Any court Clerk, Admin, or Attorney knows how time-consuming and tedious it can be to file documents by hand. When much of your workday is spent pushing papers, it’s clear something needs to change. Enter TrueFiling, ImageSoft’s Electronic Filing system. We worked closely with Justice System personnel throughout the development process to ensure that our platform solves the problems plaguing court offices across the country. TrueFiling is one of the most established original ImageSoft products, and we have loved to see it grow in capabilities and popularity.  

We are excited to announce the newest member of the TrueFiling family, TrueFiling Review. This is our new, web-based Filing Review system designed to benefit courts. Today, we wanted to break down what’s new to help you determine if TrueFiling Review is a feature you could benefit from. 

TrueFiling Without OnBase 

TrueFiling Review takes filing to the digital realm

Previously, TrueFiling was designed to be coupled only with OnBase by Hyland Software where TrueFiling would work in the front (filing) end, with the review process being handled by the OnBase system. TrueFiling Review is an alternative to the review process offering web-based function that does not require OnBase. Essentially, TrueFiling Review is a “light” version of the original system. There are all the basics you need to complete the filing process from start to finish, but none of the extra bells and whistles that OnBase users typically look for or need for an effective system.  

Now, we don’t want you to think that TrueFiling Review is less than its traditional counterpart. Rather, we took the main aspects, streamlined them further, and cut out all the extras that were really only applicable to the OnBase workflows. What’s left is an even more user-friendly, cost and time-efficient, web-based solution. Our team takes a look at your specific needs and goals, compares them to the size of your organization, and will help you determine if TrueFIling Review is right for you. Generally speaking, TrueFiling Review will perform best for smaller courts, those with a limited budget, or those who do not have to handle large influxes of filed documents. For these organizations, TrueFiling paired with OnBase’s review system can be a bit overkill. We believe in giving you what you need without added fluff, so TrueFiling Review is our solution.  

Say ‘Goodbye’ to all Manual Aspects of Filing 

Manual filing is a thing of the past with TrueFiling Review

TrueFiling allows filers to upload digital documents for eFiling. Prior to TrueFiling Review, once a document was submitted, the remainder of the process took place within OnBase. TrueFiling Review works for Clerks and Judges who can go in and immediately view and process filings. From the TrueFiling Review dashboard, filed documents can be reviewed and approved or sent back. Processing can begin immediately, eliminating virtually all delay time that is typically seen with manual filing. The turnaround for this system is far faster than traditional mail or in-person hand-offs, and because the file never leaves the platform, it is infinitely more secure.  

The TrueFiling system offers an all-in-one, completely electronic solution where attorneys, pro se filers, and other litigants can file documents immediately to the court. With TrueFiling Review, these documents are sent to the courts directly where they are immediately available for review. TrueFiling removes the manual processes associated with filing fees by offering electronic payment. All funds are collected, and files are shared as soon as they are received to ensure fewer delays and a better process overall. 

Let’s consider an example: Joe Schmoe is a Prosecutor in Hope County and Jane Doe is the County Clerk. For years, Joe Schmoe has been filing cases by manually going to the county court and submitting the documents. Document submission, servicing, and payments have always been very time-consuming processes. The County Court has finally grown tired of the time they spend on the process, and has decided to implement the TrueFiling system. Thanks to TrueFiling, submitting documents to the court, payments, and servicing has become simple and stress-free. The Hope County Court is a small one, making them a perfect candidate for TrueFiling Review. Once implemented, Jane will instantly receive all of Joe’s files and can start processing them. There are virtually no delays, and Jane isn’t responsible for hunting down payments – TrueFiling has that covered. Now, Joe and Jane are connected in a neat system that accepts files and sends them in for review and approval. Filers and the court have improved access to the process and find themselves spending far less time managing filings. 

Generate Reports 

Another common frustration we heard from Clerks, and other court workers, was that obtaining filing financial reports was more difficult than it needed to be. With traditional manual filing, courts would have to request reports and then wait weeks to receive them from the higher-ups. Some counties had to wait a specified period of time to receive reports, such as once per month, twice per year, etc. When it comes to making decisions, having hard numbers and past work in front of you is key. These reports showcase how the court is doing financially in terms of filing fees for a particular time period and help make decisions to improve moving forward. We sought to alleviate the problem by giving the power to the individual courts.  

TrueFiling Review lets courts gather their own financial reports for court fees

TrueFiling Review allows authorized users to instantly generate their own financial reports. They can do this at any time and as often as they’d like. There’s no waiting game involved or fees for obtaining fee reports. Clerks have the power to view their own data precisely when they need to without having to jump through any hoops to get access.  

If we refer back to our example, this means Jane can easily generate financial reports from a custom range of time. Maybe she’s working on planning for the next fiscal year, perhaps she wants to see if there’s been any growth or decline by comparing two periods, or maybe she just wants numbers handy for the next meeting. Regardless, Jane can use TrueFiling Review to instantly gather relevant financial data.  

Tablet Friendly 

To wrap things up, we felt it important to mention that TrueFiling Review is tablet friendly. Because it is a web-based app, it can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Judges can log in and review files from their kitchen table, office, courtroom bench during a break, or even on vacation. Of course, the system works wonderfully on computers and laptops, but we felt passionate about making it as convenient as possible. In the hybrid/remote world we’re living in, staying mobile is key. Users are no longer landlocked to their desks, meaning they can get their filing to-dos crossed off when and where they want to. TrueFiling Review keeps court personnel agile and guarantees greater accessibility without sacrificing security. 

We hope you are as excited about TrueFiling Review as we are. The development team has been taking into account a lot of input from existing customers as well as general Justice System pain points. We believe TrueFiling Review will save organizations even more time and resources, and we are thrilled to be able to offer an end-to-end system to those who do not need the robust OnBase system or DMS features. Additional information about TrueFiling Review will be released in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out. Check out for more about the product, and feel free to contact the team if you have any questions. 

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