Professionals across industries are constantly searching for smarter, faster, and more convenient ways to work. Most job roles have laundry lists of tasks to accomplish daily, many of which can be tedious. Those working in courts understand the struggle of balancing meetings, high-priority work, and pushing paperwork. Filing court documents is vital to the job but not necessarily fun. After all, it can be frustrating shuffling through piles of documents, coordinating schedules, traveling to various offices, and meeting deadlines. ImageSoft’s TrueFiling System is the answer to your problems, offering an end-to-end filing solution for all case types. Let’s look at how TrueFiling can aid staff throughout the filing process.

What is TrueFiling?

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First things first, what is TrueFiling? The TrueFiling System is a two-pronged approach to electronic court filing. The experts at ImageSoft developed it in response to feedback from court professionals who agreed filing was a headache for everyone involved. The ImageSoft team went to work to create a user-friendly system to bring courts into the modern world. 

 TrueFiling benefits the filers by allowing them to easily upload and submit documents to participating courts that already have a processing system in place (OnBase, TrueFiling Review, etc). From there, documents were reviewed by the court using the Filing Review system. Once approved, these documents would move to the court’s CMS or document management systems. Traditionally, we only offered OnBase as the Filing Review solution. The OnBase system is designed for courts that require complex and robust workflows along with DMS features. However, we recently expanded the TrueFiling System to include TrueFiling Review, a web-based lightweight solution meant for Clerks and courts. Both TrueFiling for filers and TrueFiling Review for courts work together to create the end-to-end court filing system our customers have come to know and love. 

What’s the court filing process with TrueFiling?

To be upfront, we want to clarify each court does filing differently, and case type can play a significant role in the exact steps you have to go through. In this case, we will speak in generic terms of what you can expect from the average court filing. 

  1. Judy needs to file documents with the court regarding a criminal case. The court she is dealing with has TrueFiling in place and does the entire process digitally. Judy is also a TrueFiling user, meaning she can hop right into the system and get things squared away. Judy takes her many documents and ensures they are all electronic versions so everything can go through TrueFiling. Once she’s all set, Judy uploads all documents from her laptop, updating information about the files, etc. All court filings for this case are grouped to make the process more organized. Judy quickly reviews her uploads, decides they look good, and submits them. Due to the type of filing involved, Judy must pay a filing fee – luckily for her, TrueFiling handles fees in-platform! The court has already set rates in the system, and everything is automatically totaled for Judy. She can pay immediately to avoid late fees, delays, or having to travel to another office. Once submitted, Judy can subscribe to get notifications in order to track the status of her filings.
  2. Upon hitting the “submit” button, Judy’s documents are sent to the court’s TrueFiling Review platform. Clerks are notified of new documents and can log in to see what has come through. Clerks review each file to make sure everything is in order. Any notes or additional files associated with a document will also be visible. If the document looks good, it’s approved and entered into the CMS system. For any file that needs more work or is unacceptable, Clerks can reject the file entirely. As soon as a decision is made on the court’s end, the filer will see their documents’ statuses updated. If the court wants to know the fee payment history, they can request reports anytime. All filed documents are stored safely within the case and can be searched or reviewed later.

How does TrueFiling save time?

The process we described might sound similar to the traditional, non-electronic process many courts still use. However, the difference is time and effort. TrueFiling can save hundreds of hours per year on filing. 

  • Uploading takes just seconds and can be done from anywhere
  • No travel time to court offices
  • Limited delays in hearing back about your document’s status
  • No delays for signatures or stamps – both can be added from the TrueFiling platform
  • Limited communication delays if anything needs to be revised
  • No time spent organizing physical documents in files or cabinets
  • Search archives in seconds rather than rifling through boxes for hours

Every professional knows time is money; TrueFiling saves you both in one swoop. 

The benefits of end-to-end

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In addition to saving time, there are countless other reasons to switch to TrueFiling from your current court filing system. Most notably, keeping the entire process in a single platform dramatically improves security. Court documents are sensitive and should not be passed around more than needed. TrueFiling keeps files in a centralized location and requires no exports, downloads, or handoffs. Documents are kept safe as they move through the process, and there are no chances for data to leak while sharing with other parties. The single platform has the added benefit of being convenient for all parties by eliminating travel time, meetings, phone calls, or other time eaters. Everyone loves a free schedule, especially one which allows you to work wherever and whenever you’d like!

Other benefits include straightforward use compared to other filing review platforms and unmatched support for all users. Other filing review tools are bulky and come with all the bells and whistles. These are great for larger courts, but not always necessary and can be deadweight you don’t need to worry about. TrueFiling Review is web-based and streamlined to give you the features you need without all the fluff you’ll never use. We don’t skimp in the support department even though our system is “lite” compared to competitors; ImageSoft Customer Care helps with any issues you may encounter, and you’ll have a team of experts helping you along the way as your system is implemented. Not only are you receiving a system suited for your court’s size, but also our support team to help you as you transition and find ways to make TrueFiling work effectively for you.

TrueFiling is the next big thing in court filing. It’s truly an end-to-end system that streamlines communication between filers and the courts. Through innovative technology, we can implement solutions that instantly improve productivity within courts. There has been a wonderful response to TrueFiling Review, and we look forward to bringing the technology to new courts across the US. To learn more about the TrueFiling System, please visit

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