Mysterious and spooky, and altogether ooky.  

If you thought we were talking about disparate, legacy courtroom processes, we don’t blame you – but, really, we are talking about The Addam’s Family.  

A Halloween staple for decades, the iconic Addam’s Family has again proven their timelessness by recently reviving seasonal spirits at the box office. Yet, despite their morbid demeanors, peculiar hobbies and dry sense of humor, the Addams Family makes for feel-good films that are welcomed into our homes and enjoyed with loved ones at any and every age. Why? Because they’re the epitome of family – individually quirky, all going about their own hobbies and lifestyles yet, at the end of the day, working together as a family to enjoy some drop-dead fun.   

Quite the opposite of moving at sluggish paces and being laced in spiderwebs, ImageSoft’s Court solution is eerily similar to the Addam’s Family in that it is comprised of several, niche components working both autonomously and together for the justice community. Digitally transforming your court frees it from the monstrous constraints of out-moded processes, or the scary price tag and inconvenience of replacing them. Not to mention it lends a hand (not to be mistaken for “the hand”) to shortening the lifecycle of cases.  

Framed another way, we summoned the Addam’s family values to court and quite a few of the characters met their capability match.  

Grave Comparisons 

Gomez – the Workflow 

The business-savvy family man who serves at the center of everything, Gomez’s role in the Addam’s family is very comparable to the workflow component. Diligent in capturing and digitally routing documents, files and all case materials where they need to be, the automated workflow takes care of business with ease and sophistication. Also like Gomez, this workflow capability is always well tailored to the occasion thanks to its high configurability and seamless integrations with any case management system (CMS).  

Lurch – eFiling  

Their 24×7 availability makes Lurch and eFiling a perfect match. Like Lurch, our eFiling component strives to make its service convenient for pro se litigants and attorneys with multi-jurisdictional, web-based access from any secure internet location. Its seamless and universal integration capability keeps filers on track even with multiple individual filings, fees and case types, and supports a stronger collaboration between the courts and law enforcement by also connecting to LEAP and the Paperless Prosecutor Solution. Doing so creates relationships among the justice community that bear an uncanny resemblance to the stanch bond between Lurch and Wednesday.  

Morticia – eBench 

With an unshakeable disposition amidst even the most extreme of circumstances, Morticia’s ability to communicate with all (including the gibberish of Cousin Itt, Lurch and The Thing) keeps everyone on the same page. The keeper of her family’s history, order and schedules, Morticia mimics the eBench’s ability to keep the Judge connected to and at the center of all information sources by keying full-text searches and offering immediate, electronic access to his or her docket and case files from any secure, internet location. Designed “by judges, for judges,” the eBench’s centralized accessibility unshackles the Judge from his chambers in the same way Morticia frequently frees Pugsley from the constraints of Wednesday’s tricks.  

The Thing (“Hand”) Increased Access to Justice 

Inherently designed to guide others, The Thing and our court solution’s access to justice component go hand-in-hand. Much like The Thing, this capability walks pro se, or unrepresented, litigants through self-guided interview questions that help them create and properly answer the legal forms necessary for their case. Similar to The Thing’s universal communication, this component is available in 14 languages and on mobile devices to meet litigants where and as they are.  

“You Rang?”  

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We Want to Hear From You! 

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