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In downtown Detroit, there’s an upscale restaurant where, for $50 per person, you can literally eat all night. There are seafood, salad, pasta and soup buffets that perimeter the second floor, providing guests with a similarly appetizing scene of the city as they fill their plates. When you’re not at the buffet, waitstaff walks around with various cuts of meat – if you’d like one, they’ll come serve it directly on your dish. Truthfully, the only extra you pay for are any family-style appetizers or beverages you’d like and, while I don’t always have room for crab-stuffed ragoons, I would recommend splurging the extra $10 for a glass of wine – you’ll thank me when the flavors bring out the best in your meat carvings. 

Now that you’re hungry, go grab a snack and then carry on as I dish the rest of the good news for my fellow buffet lovers.

Self-Service Is No Longer Reserved Just for Buffets

While the pandemic may have nixed buffets for a while, it’s escalated self-service to the top of the menu for industries everywhere.

I recently got married and have already experienced this explosion of self-service in many ways. When my husband and I were applying for our marriage license, the County Clerk’s website pointed us to their online portal. In less than 20 minutes, we had filled out an electronic form, uploaded our notarized application and copies of our licenses, and paid the $20 filing fee. Within a week, the Clerk called and let us know our marriage license was in a drop-box outside the Clerk’s office and ready to be picked up whenever we had time. In both instances, my husband and I didn’t have to wait in long lines or facilitate very much in-person interaction – we were in control of when and how these tasks were accomplished.

And because we very seldom let grass grow under our feet, we’re now in the process of purchasing our first home together. The pre-approval process was also done completely online. While the seven-page eForm took a little longer than that for the Clerk’s office, we were still able to complete it on our own timeline and upload all our W2s, pay stubs, etc., right from home.

And because it’s snow and ice season here in Michigan, I know quite a few people who have gotten into minor fender-benders and have been pleasantly surprised by their insurance companies’ new mobile options. Gone are the days of waiting for an agent to complete data entry and uploads from the receiving end – you can now do it all yourself and, in most cases, right from an app on your phone! Not only does this empower customers with the opportunity to accomplish their insurance needs at their own pace and on their own time, but it frees up the insurance agent’s agenda so (s)he can see to higher-priority initiatives, like getting your claim approved sooner rather than later.

More Than Just Convenience – Self-Service Fosters Safety

I recently had the pleasure of capturing a feel-good story from Fort Bend County, Texas that was all thanks to the self-service focused program “Take Me Home.”

As you’ll read in our recent press release, “Take Me Home” is a portal where citizens can create accounts on behalf of loved ones with cognitive disabilities or special needs. The easy-to-use portal lets users key in demographics or helpful information about their loved one, and upload a recent photograph. The information is then stored in a Workview environment that is accessible to law enforcement at the station and in patrol cars. It allows officers to quickly scan the system for individuals they may encounter, learn about their special needs and how to best interact with them, and safely return them to their emergency contact or listed residence.

“Take Me Home” provides an accessible option for citizens to advocate for their loved ones by communicating with law enforcement about the special conditions in their community. The completely voluntary portal is entirely self-managed by the citizens, who receive annual reminders to update demographics and, at the very least, provide a new photograph.

The “Banana Bread” of 2021

I know it seems like forever ago, but if you think back to the very beginning of the pandemic, you might still be able to smell the fresh banana bread baking in your oven. In the news and my own personal experiences, it seemed that everyone was filling their extra time by comforting themselves and their loved ones with sweet, comforting slices of homemade banana bread (I recommend folding in chopped pecans). And based on what’s happening in our customer’s communities, I’m confident in saying that self-service options are churning out to be the “banana bread” of 2021 – courts, governments, insurance agencies and everyone in between will be baking the convenience, efficiency and accessibility of self-service into their business operations for the foreseeable future.

Even better – current OnBase customers are already half-way to their self-service programs. Simply leverage electronic forms, like Unity or Image forms, and seamlessly integrate with complimenting processes like Cloud-based document storage programs and electronic signature options. Combining these few ingredients churns out a recipe sure to be loved by your staff and customers, who can both securely manage their business with just a few clicks.

And with all that compounded cost and time savings, you, your staff and your customers will be found more often celebrating at delicious eateries and less frequently tied to your desks. Learn more by chatting with our webchat specialists, who are available by clicking the gray circle to the right of your screen. And because we ourselves love eForms, we provide with another quick way to inquire for more information here.

Bon Appetit!

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