By: Dave Hawkins, ImageSoft, CEO


ImageSoft continued to grow in 2018, expanding our footprint in a variety of ways. We were awarded major new projects from California to Georgia, and many places in between. ImageSoft is now doing business in 31 states and three provinces as more organizations continue to accelerate their digital transformation and need to transform their processes, not just paper. Specifically in the justice arena, we now serve nine state court administrative offices or justice departments, and currently have proposals out to two more.

But it’s not only our geographical footprint that has grown. We are also continuing to widen our array of court technology solutions. Here’s a sampling of ways we’re expanding our technological footprint.

Charge Code Management

Leading the “charge” in this arena, ImageSoft has been asked by three states for help in managing their charge codes. We thank our role as a Platinum Reseller of OnBase by Hyland for positioning us as a trusted leader in solving this issue. Our solution, a uniform, state-wide table of codes, utilizes OnBase’s case management module to create a database management tool that keeps everyone on the same page and synchronizes charge codes across all jurisdictions. With everyone speaking the same charge code language, efficiency improves and data analysis becomes much more feasible.

Electronic Case File Transfers to Appellate Courts

ImageSoft has also been solicited by three states to provide automated transfer of electronic case files from trial courts to appellate courts. Again, the value proposition is readily evident: especially in states with decentralized judicial systems, anyone sitting on an appellate court knows the value of having all incoming case files organized, indexed and packaged in a similar fashion. ImageSoft’s CaseShare solution makes this possible, providing appellate court justices with electronic case files structured in a consistent fashion. We think this tool will “appeal” to many higher courts.

Data Conversions

Another area where ImageSoft has grown in terms of both staffing and capabilities is data file conversions. We recognize that new software adoption usually requires migration of data and documents from the old system to the new. To give you a sense of our  data conversion experience, we developed an algorithm for a large, well-known insurance company that successfully migrated 30,000,000 documents. When we had finished this automated process, 100 percent of the documents were accounted for, and 99.987 percent were moved without human intervention. With results like that, I suspect we can “convert” more clients to our solutions.

Video Evidence Management

Our society has witnessed an astounding proliferation of cameras in the past fifteen years, which have undoubtedly impacted the justice realm in the most positive of ways. Usage of bodycams, dashcams, security cameras and cell phone cameras has exploded, placing a greater burden on prosecutors to review hours of footage before identifying and extracting the right clips to show in the courtroom. Imagine this: a confrontation with police occurs on a busy city street that is lined with numerous retail establishments. The prosecuting attorney might have video from two dozen cameras to sort through just to find a few minutes of evidence. ImageSoft is partnering with leading video evidence management companies to bring their products into our fold, pairing them with OnBase to help prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement efficiently manage all the available digital data. This technology proved to be a difference maker on a recent proposal and demo for one of the largest cities in the country. Our foray into video evidence will definitely be worth “watching.”

Expanded eFiling Functionality

In the past year-plus, we’ve completely rebuilt our TrueFiling platform to add new features and make it easier to integrate with our clients’ existing case management systems. We’ve updated the capabilities of our TrueSign product, and we’ve scheduled an overhaul of our Law Enforcement Agency Portal for early 2019. Thankful to already be one of the top three eFiling providers for courts across the nation, there’s always room to grow. So stay on the lookout for more eFiling and eServicing enhancements, which will make life easier for those we “serve.”

Online Dispute Resolution

Now, I have to admit: Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is a tongue-in-cheek entry on this list. At the eCourts conference earlier in December, no less than five organizations came up to our booth asking for it, and we don’t even provide it – we’ve never even talked about it publicly. But truth be told, we’ve been quietly watching the evolution of ODR for the past two years, and the National Center for State Courts tells us that thirty states are pursuing ODR initiatives. So maybe ODR is in ImageSoft’s future. After all, it’s simply a matter of transferring documents, communicating information and processing payments for courts – much like what we already do with eFiling. We’re not ready to make any promises just yet, but stay tuned – ODR might be one of our New Year’s “Resolutions.”

Final Thoughts

As we continue to expand our footprint, geographically and technologically, there’s one more area that’s growing at ImageSoft: our appreciation for our customers and collaborators. Whether in the justice arena, government, insurance, or corporate clients,  your trust and investment in us is what unlocks our continued investments in product development and allows us to create the solutions that meet your business needs.

So from all of us at ImageSoft, we want to say “thank you!”

Best wishes for the coming year. Let’s do more together!

Chief Executive Officer, ImageSoft, Inc.

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