How does the portrait of your average workday compare to what it was a little over a year ago? Are you switching laundry in between video conferences? Having lunch with your little ones instead of your colleagues? Perhaps the only stagnant has been your occasional fast-food lunch but, instead of using your gas to go pick it up, you’re funneling that money into a tip for the GrubHub delivery person.

According to Oberlo’s compiled research, 19.5 million people were working remotely 100 percent of the time in February of last year. By 2025, which is just four years down the road, the remote workforce is expected to be at 36.2 million. You may be attributing this catalyst to the 2020 pandemic, but the numbers hint that the work-from-home trend was already on the climb – a 91 percent increase in the last 10 years, and a 44 percent hike just within the last five.

Of course, we all love the work-life flexibility – as a company, you especially might love the pleasantly surprising jump in productivity. 65 percent of survey respondents say they are more productive working at home because they’re in complete control of their environment – and the results show that is not a lie. 85 percent of business have actually confirmed productivity gains since supporting remote work.

Not only are organizations producing more than ever, but also opening their budgets to never-before-realized opportunities. U.S. employers are expected to be saving roughly $30 billion per DAY, largely in thanks to a lesser need for office space and simply eliminating costs like rent, utilities and cleaning services.

I know The Stats are Important, But Why Does It Matter to Me?

There was a time when innovative, paperless-driven technology was for the dreamers and, if you had the budget, early adopters. Automated business processes were nice to have, but hard to cost justify in the most cases. Mobile efforts were appreciated by customers and constituents while offering a slight competitive advantage, but the majority of your industry was still kicking it old-school and one organization’s convenient app wasn’t enough for people to break their contracts and make a move.

But this is no longer the world we live in. Fluid processes, such as video-call court hearings, entirely online onboarding, electronically signed digital contracts, automatically routed workflows and more are not merely nice-to-have – they’re necessary.

Necessary to stay relevant in your industry. Necessary to optimize your talent, time and money (who couldn’t use an extra $30B per day?!). Necessary to attract loyal staff, citizens and people in general. In fact, one could go as far to say digital operations are a necessary element to claiming good business practices.

How Can I Get Down to (Virtual) Business?

If you’re an ImageSoft customer, Velocity is a good place to start. And, in just a few months, it’s coming to a mobile screen near you – anywhere you might have secure internet connection, to be exact.

Velocity is our annual customer event where everyone, from executives, directors and managers to IT personnel, human resources, and insurance representatives, enjoy one another’s company while celebrating and realizing the momentum made by their choices to adopt paperless processes.

We gather around for fun and interesting customer stories from industries spanning justice, government, insurance and general business. We’ve heard from court justices and court clerks who, by bridging the access to justice gap with virtual hearings, eArraignments, online portals, electronic filings and even eSignatures, have strengthened relations with their communities. Government agencies who have automated records management and AP processing, adopted electronic forms and stood-up self-service portals take the mic to share testimonies from their staff, constituents and sister agencies about disappearing bottlenecks, faster turnarounds and incredibly easy compliance audits. And how could we forget the insurance industry who, by adopting mobile communications and simply just centralizing their customer information, have been able to support their clients and cover more people than ever.

What to Expect at Virtual Velocity 2021

Mind you, all this is just from years past. But with remote-accessible, compliant processes becoming a welcomed necessity for virtually every industry, Velocity is no longer the dreamer’s playground – it’s your opportunity to equip your business with the digital tools it now needs. It’s your opportunity to network with others who have or are facing similar challenges, to hear about the tools available to you, and to connect with the right people who can bring your business up-to-speed.

And, much to our point, because Velocity 2021 is virtual, it’s easier to attend than ever.

Wednesday, August 4th kicks off our two-hour weekly sessions. Each Wednesday throughout the month of August, you’ll enjoy keynote speakers, virtual networking “rooms,” and just some fun catching up with familiar faces (imagine talking to people outside of those in your household!) from 2-4pm EST. Stay tuned over the next few months as we finalize and share more details on registration, industry-specific talk tracks, and more.

The excitement, however, starts today! Reserve the time on your calendars now to prepare well in advance for the tools that will fuel the velocity of your business processes as we move forward in this evolving, fast-paced, mobile world.

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