Everyone loves a trip to a department store. Where else can you wander around, looking through aisle after aisle of products, all organized by category? The beauty of a department store is the simplicity in which it can be navigated. If you need bath towels, head to the bath section. If you need pots and pans, the kitchen utensils/appliance section is the place to be. No matter what you’re on the lookout for, department stores almost always have some version of it. Some of the big brand department stores include Kohl’s, Macy’s, Target, Walmart, and T.J Maxx.

If separating a store by department is convenient and time-saving, it makes logical sense to divide other businesses and organizations into departments as well. The US Government has countless departments at the federal, state, and local levels. These departments (like the sections of Target) make it easy for the Government to worry about specific issues at a time. If towels got stacked next to the canned corn, customers would have a very hard time getting through their list of things to purchase. Likewise, if a single Government entity had to worry about both road laws and prison maintenance, both tasks would likely take a long time and neither would be done well. Departmentalizing the Government allows experts in each specific area to tackle problems that are in their wheelhouse. Of course, each Government department has special requirements and needs, so it’s important that they have digital solutions catered to them. ImageSoft works with a variety of departments at the state and local level. We make the job even more convenient so that you can focus on stocking your shelves and serving clients.

Department of Corrections

ImageSoft is honored to work closely with a huge range of Department of Corrections. The Justice System is crucial to maintain the rights of US citizens. The Department of Corrections is the overseer of all Justice System proceedings from prison upkeep to record tracking to law enforcement policy and everything in between. ImageSoft offers products that can automate or streamline every processes, allowing the Justice System to focus more on high-level tasks rather than tedious office work. Some of the solutions employed in various Departments of Corrections include:

  • Case Management: In America, anyone convicted of a crime must have evidence proving that they are guilty. Whether they have a full court trial, or opt for settlement, a proper case must be built to prove what transpired. Case Management Systems are key for the Department of Corrections because it keeps everything organized. Rather than carrying around a full-to-the-brim briefcase or a stack of folders, evidence and other important case information can be stored and managed digitally. Case Management allows involved parties to have greater access to information, and improves the speed and reliability of sharing data. Automated checklists and follow-up prompts, easy data entry and mobile access to case files support probation officers in staying connected with probationers and ensuring their success. With all case information centralized, increased case visibility means probation officers can better prioritize their time with higher-risk probationers, and progress thriving cases through the system in a timely manner.
  • Digital Evidence Management: A relative newcomer to the field, Digital Evidence Management is proving to be an incredibly valuable tool in the Justice System. ImageSoft’s proprietary product, Vault was designed specifically to assist the courts and the Department of Corrections. Vault allows parties to easily upload a variety of file types to a centralized database housed in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. Articles can be approved or denied, reviewed, shared securely, and played back from almost any device. This tool is beneficial for everyone along the Justice System, but particularly judges, attorneys, prosecutors, and law enforcement. One key feature that has proven useful is automatic audit tracking for all files. Vault will keep a digital record of who views, edits, shares, or interacts with the file. Chain of Custody is maintained with almost no work from staff members.
  • Onboarding and Offboarding: The Case Management tool is critical for onboarding and offboarding of cases. These two stages of the life cycle in particular need a lot of attention. The time-stamped, automated workflow ensures the proper justice process stays the course, and that all necessary documentation is keeps pace. One-click uploads and encrypted, two-step authentications safeguard confidential information and protects data security as it passes from courts to jails, DOCs, probation offices and more. All documents can be onboarded in a fraction of the time of the traditional process to get cases moving. When it’s time to close a case, everything can be packaged up neatly for future reference and any necessary documents can be shared out.  
  • Record Storage and Maintenance: Digital workspaces can help you to maintain and store records and other important documents in the cloud. Free up space in your office by switching to paperless versions of the forms you use regularly. Simple search features allow you to reference an old document as needed, something that has come in handy in many Departments of Correction who deal with massive amounts of cases and records each year. Integrations with other business applications is simple so the staff can improve efficiency without having to relearn their entire process.

Department of Insurance

We all know how crucial insurance is for living a safe and healthy life. Anything of value can be insured, and typically is. You likely have several different insurance policies at this very moment. There are more options than you expect, but the big plans are typically life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, and home insurance. If you have a plan, you will not have to pay out-of-pocket for emergency expenses. Healthcare without insurance is extremely expensive, and many businesses offer insurance as a benefit to full-time employees. Unless you’re in the field, you might not realize how much happens behind the scenes of any insurance agency – we’re talking mountains of paperwork, years of records, legally binding signatures, etc. Digital solutions have jumped in to make organizing the chaos simple.

  • OnBase by Hyland: OnBase is one of the most valuable tools for the Department of Insurance. An Investigative Case Management tool serves as a single, central repository for all case information, including phone calls, emails and more. Integrative with all pre-existing business applications, users and authorized parties have access to all necessary information from a single, familiar interface. This is a double win for investigative cases, which can securely be shared with prosecutors, auditors and all other case-affiliated parties for a streamlined, transparent investigation conducted directly out of the system. There’s also on-site audit inspection activity tracking and reporting which allows auditors to capture documentation with their tablet or mobile device.
  • Online Dispute Resolution: Where there is insurance, there are settlements. Online Dispute Resolution takes the guesswork out of negotiations, permitting a real or AI mediator to view a case virtually and come to a speedy conclusion. Insurance claims can be settled in a fraction of the time of the paper-pushing process we know now. DoI staff can focus on more important tasks and clients can settle quickly and move on with their daily lives.

Department of Transportation

Everyone is always on the go in America. Luckily, we have plenty of transportation options to get us where we need to be. The Department of Transportation is responsible for all things travel safety. The DoT handles infrastructure, roadways, safety measures, and more to ensure that residents can maneuver the roads efficiently and with as little danger as possible. In addition, the Department of Transportation provides funding to public transportation options, allowing those without vehicles to navigate the area around them. Some features of OnBase by Hyland that benefit the DoT include:

  • Contractor Management
  • Human Resources Processes
  • Electronic Plan Review
  • Real-Time Editable Workflows with Automated Notifications
  • Inspection Assistance
  • Integration With Public Works Software

We are honored to work with so many lovely departments across the US. We are firm believers in getting the right person for the job, so we appreciate that serious Government tasks are distributed to those with expertise in each area of the field. The US Government is a complex machine with many cogs moving at once. ImageSoft digital solutions have been making those cogs turn effortlessly, and we hope to continue the trend as digital transformation expands. To learn more about our solutions for Government, visit: https://imagesoftinc.com/government/.

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