Authored by Dave Hawkins, ImageSoft CEO 

As we countdown to 2020, social media is aglow with people posting pictures of what they looked like a decade ago. When I think of where ImageSoft was in 2009, we’ve certainly come a long way. It was around that time that our President, Scott Bade, had the visionary idea of building an eFiling product for courts, just as others were offering similar technology for taxpayers. It was a relatively new concept for the justice system back then and, in the intervening years, ImageSoft has emerged as one of the premier providers. We have become the vendor of choice for not only our home state of Michigan, but also California, Alaska, and Tennessee, as well as numerous counties coast to coast. By pairing our proprietary portal for incoming filings with the robust back-end functionality of OnBase for electronic document management, we are exemplifying the increasingly popular component model for court technology.  

Scott Bade, ImageSoft President, 2010 

The justice system is not the only area of government we’re impacting. A decade ago, we counted only one state agency among our customers. Now, a third of the state governments across the nation utilize ImageSoft products and services. Back then, our clientele included only seven counties. Today, we serve dozens of municipalities at the city or county level, more than thirty of which, in turn, serve populations of a quarter million people or more. With customers from Anchorage to Atlanta, and from Ann Arbor down to Houston, we have become the foremost OnBase integrator for the public sector.  

Our reach extends beyond the government market. In 2009, we provided systems to nine insurance companies. In 2019, we’ve nearly tripled that number. Moreover, we’re providing a wider array of functionality to insurers than ever before. From new business applications to underwriting, from group life to claims processing, our insurance clients across the US and Canada are experiencing tremendous productivity gains from the advanced OnBase solutions that we’ve developed. Cue the music: “From Atlantic to Pacific, gee, the workflow traffic is terrific!” 

Tom Hansel, 2010
Dan Kramer and A.J. Drobnich, 2010

Now what about our staff? A decade ago, our dynamic duo of Dan Kramer and A.J. Drobnich were fresh off internships. Now A.J. is our Director of Product Development, and Dan leads our Engineering Management Office. In 2009, Tom Hansel was still an intern, yet now he’s our Director of Customer Care. In total, more than half our workforce from back then is still with us today, a testament to the recognition we’ve received as one of the 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For in Metro Detroit for the past thirteen consecutive years.  

In ten years, we’ve tripled the size of our team, and tripled the overall number of customers we serve, but one thing that has not changed is our core values. We start with the bedrock of Integrity. We build upon that by being Dependable to do what we say we’re going to do. From there, we are Driven to Excellence in everything. And we maintain a Customer Focus to keep our priorities in perspective.  

Through it all, the bottom line is people. None of this would be possible without the dedication and ingenuity of our team at ImageSoft, or without the forward-thinking folks, our customers, who want to make the world a better place through technology. From building software solutions, to supporting users, to serving our community both here in the Detroit area and around the country, people are at the heart of all we do.  

Here’s to an amazing ten years, ImageSoft family! Let’s make the next decade even better.  

– Dave 

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