If there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on, it’s that there are so many options whenever you’re shopping for something new. While it’s wonderful to have such a selection, it can be daunting and confusing to make the final decision. Technology is one area filled with competition, each promising the best of the best. When it comes to technology solutions, you want to make the choice that is right for you, but it can be a real struggle to determine which one will actually meet your needs.

In this series, we’ll be going through some of the most common technology solutions in the Justice System, Government, and Insurance industries to help you identify three things to look for while making your choice. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your final choice checks other boxes, but these are three must-haves if you want to see success.

Let’s kick things off by discussing what Justice System personnel should look for in Electronic Filing systems.

Your eFiling system should have guaranteed security.

Courts and court personnel use electronic filing for submitting very important documents. As you would imagine, these files typically contain sensitive or confidential information not meant for just anyone to see. The traditional filing system usually involves direct hand-offs or sealed mail delivery, which offers some sense of security. Electronic filing needs to offer even more security because of the digital, often cloud-based nature of it. As such, all promising eFiling systems should guarantee strict security that has been tried and tested.

The Justice System has been historically hesitant to adopt technology-based solutions. It’s no secret that data breaches happen, and many courts have been unwilling to take the risk. However, as more courts transition to remote or hybrid models, relying solely on traditional filing methods is becoming infeasible. Security should absolutely be a top factor in selecting a new electronic filing system for your court, if nothing more, to avoid losing trust with the public during the transition period.

TrueFiling is ImageSoft’s own eFiling system. It was developed with input from Clerks, Admins, Judges, Filers, Attorneys, and more, to ensure that all parties feel secure using the platform. Security features to note from TrueFiling include:

  • Party Management: Only authorized parties can access case files. If you are not involved in the case and do not require access to files, you are not permitted in. This way, no documents can be tampered with or copied.
  • CJIS compliant: While eFiling cannot be compliant on its own, it can be designed to adhere to compliance guidelines. TrueFiling can be used in even the most sensitive cases because the information is protected by government-level safeguards and firewalls.
  • In-Platform Review and Communication: The fewer times a sensitive document is sent via external means, the better. TrueFiling allows for in-platform submission, review, and approval to avoid duplicate copies being emailed, faxed, or messaged out. Everything is kept organized, with an audit trail, and there are fewer chances for security breaches throughout the process.

Electronic Filing needs to be configurable.

No two technology solutions should be created equal. We believe that the best results come from customization that pinpoints a customer’s exact needs, and finds solutions to their problems. A good eFiling system will be customized as needed to make what needs to happen, happen. After all, each state is different, each town requires unique care, and individual courts handle specific case types. A one-size-fits-all solution simply will not work in this type of environment.

Let’s say that Court A needs eFiling for criminal cases. That involves warrants, evidence, subpoenas, testimonies, and countless other documents that need to change hands. Each can be found in a different format that the electronic filing system needs to be capable of handling. Court B on the other hand, handles civil cases. This can involve subpoenas, contracts, statements, and other general court documents. Court C is an appellate court, which is in an entirely different league. You might believe that implementing the same solution in all three courts will never work because there are both subtle and glaring differences that must be accounted for if you want to see eFiling success.

TrueFiling is one of few eFiling platforms that can handle all case types. It’s able to process various formats, sizes, and data types to aid all courts. However, just because it can do it all, doesn’t mean it should. There’s no purpose in having bells and whistles that you don’t need – they just get in the way. That’s why your TrueFiling solution is configurable to your exact specifications. Some customers need or want party management while others do not. Our team works with each customer to configure the system to perfectly reflect their use case. Court A will get access to evidence and multimedia file types, Court B will focus mainly on collecting commonly used documents/formats, and Court C will have a system that can handle the mountain of complex paperwork involved in appeals cases. Some features will overlap, but customizations are offered to help each of the three Courts meet their specific needs. We are even configurable with your existing CMS or other applications, so your staff doesn’t have to go through hours of training on a new system. TrueFiling is scalable and flexible so that it can grow and change with you.

A good eFiling system should be accessible.

There’s little point in implementing a new system if it cannot be used. The best electronic filing tools improve access to justice in a variety of ways.

  • 24/7 Accessibility: As is the case in many industries, Justice System personnel cannot always be sure of their schedule. Things pop up that take priority over a to-do list, leaving you behind and needing to catch up. You may get a call after hours, or maybe you’re opting to work flexible hours and don’t stick to the traditional office time. Regardless of the ‘why,’ you can expect to be working outside of normal business hours at least once. TrueFiling can be hosted ion the cloud, making it readily available wherever and whenever it’s needed. Forgot to file that last-minute submission? TrueFiling is a few clicks away. Get a late-night call about a filing emergency? Log in and file wherever you are.
  • Mobile Capabilities: In addition to being available to file whenever, TrueFiling is available wherever. Many systems are hosted on a public or private cloud, making the platform accessible from the office, your home, a hotel room, or the quiet park down the road. Log in on any device and get full mobile access to the entire platform.
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Options: Communication is essential for creating accessible courts. All parties need to be on the same page in order to provide proper Justice. TrueFiling offers multi-jurisdictional filing so that important information is sent to all relevant courts at once. This saves on time, travel, and fees that might otherwise dissuade people from filing in multiple areas. By sharing files across several courts, all involved parties get information at the same time and can work on a case simultaneously.

So, do the eFiling options you’re looking into have these three green flags? While they are not the only things to look for, they are three of the most important if you want a chance at success with your new electronic filing system. Other features to watch for include integration capabilities, value, usability, and reliability. As always, you know what’s best for your organization. If you still find the hunt daunting, we suggest creating two prioritized lists; one for Needs, and one for Wants. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to sacrifice any of the Needs, but you might have to part with some of the Wants.

TrueFiling is proud to check all three of the mentioned boxes and then some to provide the best solution possible. We have met hundreds of customers’ expectations in the past, both from the Needs and Wants lists. If you’re interested in learning more about TrueFiling and what it can do for you, visit https://truefiling.com/. To request a free custom demo, or for advice with the daunting hunt, please reach out to our team.

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