Having great products is one thing, but being a team that customers want to work with is another. After all, customers expect technical support when things inevitably go awry or when they need help moving forward with a solution. ImageSoft is a people-first company, meaning we are dedicated to fostering the best possible relationships with our customers. As such, we have the Customer Care Team at your service. Customer Care is your place to go with any technical trouble, questions, comments, or concerns regarding your system. Today, let’s look at Customer Care and a few of the award-winning services they offer.

Solution Health Checks

A graphic showing some of the elements technical support reviews in Solution Health Checks

The Customer Care Team is best known for Solution Health Checks. Health Checks are a type of technical support that proactively evaluate systems to diagnose potential problems before they occur. Solution Health Checks are performed regularly by Customer Care experts. Checks can be for OnBase or another ImageSoft product. Much like your annual doctor’s visit, Health Checks are meant to see how your solution is performing, spot any potential threats, and establish a baseline for your organization’s “normal.” Rather than react to an existing issue, Health Checks spot weak spots in the system and offer ways to remedy the situation before the problem hits. 

Following the Solution Health Check, technical support experts from Customer Care will send over a comprehensive report of their findings. Many customers will meet with Customer Care to review the issues and discuss the next steps. 

Custom Code Health Checks

Similar to Solution Health Checks, Custom Code Checks delve into the back end of a system to assess its health. Custom Code Checks look specifically at – well – your custom code. Our digital solutions are highly configurable, meaning custom code is very common. Even with our team of expert developers, code can malfunction once implemented. The Customer Care Team investigates your code to find any problems, duplicates, incorrect actions, etc. Custom Code Checks are currently available for OnBase solutions as they are typically the most customized and are the heart of many business systems. 

As with Solution Health Checks, Custom Code Checks come with comprehensive reports and a meeting with someone from technical support. The ImageSoft team will develop a plan and assign the ticket to a product developer as needed to fix any ‘broken’ code. 

Solution Upgrades

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We understand that businesses grow and change over time. You might find the solution you initially implemented needs an upgrade to keep up. That’s okay! Customer Care is here to help make upgrading your systems easy. ImageSoft offers assistance with upgrades as well as assurance. We help plan upgrades and offer remote technical support, implementing the upgrade, and troubleshooting as necessary. We guarantee that any supported configuration, integration, or custom development will continue to work in future upgraded versions of supported software. 

OnBase is one of the most commonly upgraded solutions, and we can assist with any version you currently use. Our technical support experts have 100+ years of combined OnBase experience, so you can feel confident you’re in great hands. 

Access to Professional Services

One of Customer Care’s lesser-known perks is access to Professional Services (PS). PS is the department responsible for actually creating your solution and is, therefore, the people you want to talk to when you need changes made. Customer Care is a liaison between customers and Professional Services to streamline communication and make changes quickly. If a complex issue occurs, Customer Care provides the added assurance and knowledge of our Professional Services team and other development staff. They engage other highly skilled individuals — those best suited for your particular issue — to supplement the work of the Customer Care Support Engineer to unearth and resolve the problem quickly. 

Software and Hardware Maintenance 

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Customer Care technical support will work with you to maintain all covered software and hardware. For software, this includes troubleshooting issues, providing general assistance, and giving professional advice on how to move forward. In addition, Customer Care provides download information for upgrades and enhancements to help you efficiently introduce new features as you receive them. 

On the hardware front, our technical support staff extends most 90-day factory warranties to at least 12 months of coverage. If something malfunctions or breaks, ImageSoft insures it to save you from spending big bucks after the standard warranty has expired. Maintenance is renewable annually to help keep your systems protected and covered at all times.

So, why trust Customer Care for Technical Support?

ImageSoft Customer Care is here for you in more ways than you can count. The highly reliable team can help you out of a bind when needed. You can add various support levels to any contract, each based on the assistance you need. For higher-level support customers, our lines are open 24/7 to jump in if an emergency arises overnight. We are proud to say we are one of the few companies offering this much accessibility to technical support. Over the years, we’ve learned issues can occur in the blink of an eye, even outside of regular business hours. As such, we ensure we’re here for you around the clock. 

In addition to the services we’ve already discussed, Customer Care also offers the following:

  • Unlimited telephone support during business hours for any component of your system
  • Configuration support for any ImageSoft-provided software
  • Custom solution support, including bug fixes
  • Monitoring tools package including Memory Monitor, Workflow Queue Monitor, Service State Monitor, and Document Import Processor Monitor
  • Advanced architecture and planning assistance when considering an expansion
  • Priority queue calling for higher-level Customer Care members

All of these services are available for both ImageSoft products and OnBase systems. Our OnBase technical support is market-leading, as most of our team has years of hands-on experience with OnBase solutions. In fact, Customer Care has over 70 certifications in OnBase, Kofax, and other systems. Our OnBase support is so advanced that we’ve been Diamond Support Partners for over two decades. That’s the highest level you can reach, and Hyland has strict requirements to fit the bill. We have worked tirelessly to earn our title year after year, and we’re committed to continuing the streak for many years by providing top-tier technical support. 

Need more convincing? Let us leave you with a few more stats. 23% of cases brought to Customer Care are closed within one day. Over 50% of our cases are completed within a few days. Because we are so reliable, we’ve reached a point where 90% of accounts use OnBase Customer Care services. You can be the next to join and benefit from the services we’ve discussed today. For more information, please visit https://imagesoftinc.com/support/. We’d be happy to answer any questions; just message us through our Contact Us form.

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