Not too long ago, we leaned in with Leanne to learn about OnBase for onboarding. We hope it left you feeling optimistic about the opportunity for growing your own organization, but it probably also left you asking the one question no one wants to voice: “what about offboarding?”

Whether your intern just landed their first job, a valued staff member has realized another career path or someone is no longer a good fit for your team, employee exit management is a necessary process of every organization. Not necessarily every HR person’s favorite topic, offboarding is one of their necessary undertakings that demands significant attention. Not just a reversed onboarding checklist, separating a staff member from the organization is sensitive for obvious reasons and, because the process carries safety risks, needs to happen as diligently as possible.

You know us – we love talk technicalities, and especially about OnBase. But first, we’re handing the mic over to Leanne, human resources manager at ImageSoft, to learn about OnBase’s role in helping her manage safe and swift staff separations.

Leaning in with Leanne: OnBase for OffBoarding

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Can you Summarize That?

Like a well-seasoned symphony conductor, OnBase keeps everyone in tune with their to-do’s and deadlines, holding each person accountable for playing their part in onboarding, offboarding, transfers, promotions, and other organizational activities.

In a nutshell, why play trumpet when you could really steal the show by playing your part “on base”?

Unlike our dry humor, here are some more notes you actually want to hear:

Reducing Risk

Every organization has standard steps for offboarding a staff member, but knowing who is responsible for what and keeping with a timeline is critical during instances of sudden termination. The offboarding checklist tasks ensures the separated staff member no longer has access to the organization’s systems, information, or infrastructure.

Immediacy and Accountability

Having the automated checklist in one, central location provides HR with immediate access to necessary documents, and notifies other parties, such as managers, marketing, and finance, of their responsibilities in offboarding a certain staff member by a certain date (or right away!). Automated notifications and real-time status updates hold everyone accountable for a seamless and low-stress separation.

Benefits and Payroll

Once HR initiates offboarding, the payroll department is immediately notified with instructions on when to process the separated staff member’s final paycheck. Benefits personnel are also given direction as to which benefits will continue for the separated person and for how long.

Immediately notifying the benefits and payroll department of these circumstances ensures the separated staff member has what they need and when they need it, and makes it easy to accommodate special circumstances, such as severance packages or when certain agreements are made between the individual and the organization.

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