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Records management system (RMS) integrations. Highly secure Microsoft Azure hosting. App Customization.

All this and more – coming soon to a justice community near you.

“LEAP-ing” Into the Future of Law Enforcement Communication

Over the past year, our product development team has been quietly working behind-the-scenes to modernize ImageSoft’s Law Enforcement Agency Portal, also known as LEAP. And while the official red-carpet rollout is still TBD, we want our justice community to share in the excitement about this revolutionary future of law enforcement communications.

The story goes like this: LEAP 1.0 was onto something great. Serving as a web-based portal that manages prosecution requests, evidence, subpoena processing and, ultimately, facilitates expedited communication with prosecuting attorneys’ offices, LEAP transforms how quickly, effectively and transparently justice can be served. Best yet, it upholds the justice community’s call for digital case files by expanding digital services to law enforcement communication. Integral to managing data at the point of incident through prosecution, LEAP enhances the transformation of court related processes from arraignment through sentencing, keeping law enforcement informed every step of the way.

But, like all great stories go, there were some cliff hangers.

Our customers, harvesting the fruits of their new tool, openly sang the praises of this breakthrough technology. But, because they are our customers, committed to excellence and valued as partners in development, also delivered some constructive feedback on how LEAP could go the extra mile. We took notes and built upon them, which transformed into white-board blueprints and, now, is almost a completely re-built product.

And so LEAP 2.0 was born.

The Sneak Preview

We can’t yet unveil the complete ins-and-outs of the LEAP sequel, but we can give you these sneak previews.

  • The nuts-and-bolts of LEAP 1.0 are still available: real-time case status updates, modifications, notifications, subpoena processing, etc.
  • LEAP 2.0 looks good!  The new version embodies a more pleasing, modern and responsive design that officers find intuitive and easy to use.
  • LEAP and RMS (records management systems) are now speaking the same language making it easier to integrate, improving integrity and reducing data entry
  • Two words: Mobile compatibility
  • Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is the hostess with the most-ess

A Word from Our Director (of PD)

“Our development team has been architecting a foundational build accounting for all our justice-related products, and LEAP is really the starting point,” said A.J. Drobnich, Director of Product Development. “Eventually, we want everything – CaseShare, LEAP, TrueFiling, etc., – to all work together in the same ecosystem, making all the parts more easily accessible and inter-connected.”

Stay Tuned

The official release of LEAP 2.0 is coming soon. Please stay tuned for the press release announcement and a LEAP-specific webpage scripting out all the details.

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