While it’s always sad to see summer end, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to fall. Autumn is a time of great change that is clearly visible in the world around us. From leaves changing colors to crisp morning frost forming on lawns, it’s always clear when autumn is in full swing. It can be one of the most beautiful seasons because we get to watch our environment transform before our eyes. This year, we encourage you to take a look at your organization and rally your team to make changes that are as beautiful and noteworthy as those we experience in autumn.  

For those within the Government, opportunities for positive change are all around you. Most notably, the industry is transforming in response to the growing popularity of, and reliance on, technology and digital tools. You can facilitate a change within your organization by implementing modern solutions that will help you keep up with the changing climate. Here are a few ideas to help get you started on your journey to technology-driven change: 

  • Improve communication and processes: If there’s one thing we know about Government agencies it’s that they involve many different departments working as one to accomplish goals. The collaborative aspect is wonderful, but it can certainly slow down timelines if not everyone is in sync. If you’re ready to change the way your team communicates and shares files, consider implementing OnBase by Hyland Software. OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management platform that provides transparent updates to projects for all involved. Documents and files can be shared, tasks can be assigned to specific departments or staff members, and streamlined processes can be created and replicated to transform a legacy system into a well oiled machine.   

  • Sign documents remotely: With more people working on a hybrid or fully remote schedule, collecting signatures can be a hassle. You can opt to mail the document, or schedule an in-person meeting at a time that works for all parties. However, many Government documents are confidential or sensitive, so mailing may not be a safe option. To save time and offer a convenient alternative, make the change and implement TrueSign for Electronic Signatures. TrueSign backs all signatures with a digital certificate of authenticity, and all interactions are encrypted and audited. Send links to signers via email, text, or QR code and let them sign on the phone, tablet, or computer. Signatures can be saved for one-click signing later on, greatly reducing the time commitment involved with signing documents. You can even elect proxy signers to take over if you’re too busy or not available.  

  • Prioritize accessibility and security: Opting to change the way you view accessibility and security can completely transform your organization. With many employees working remotely at least some of the time, you want to ensure they can access what they need, where and when they need it. At the start of the work from home movement, many organizations within sensitive industries such as the Government were hesitant to grant employees remote access. Luckily, cloud hosting places all key processes into the cloud that can be accessed by any authorized user no matter where they are. ImageSoft offers cloud hosting and migration to the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud to give organizations the confidence to permit and encourage remote work. All data stored is backed by top Government-level security and is safeguarded by encryption. Optional permissions and required passcodes are also available to add yet another layer of security for your peace of mind 

Are you ready to change with the seasons? It’s never too late to start updating your processes, and an after summer refresher can be just what you need to get going. For advice on what you can start changing, reach out to the ImageSoft team.

Government Tech Decisions Take 22 Months

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How Can OnBase Benefit Government Housisng Authorities?

Housing is something we may take for granted at times in our lives. For many however, housing is made possible through the Government. Housing Agencies and Finance Authorities handle hundreds or thousands of “cases” each day. As you might imagine, managing funds, contracts, documentation, and other necessary information can be a daunting task when done manually. Luckily, there are digital solutions in place to revamp Government Housing processes for improved efficiency and accuracy.  

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What Can We Do For You?

ImageSoft has been bringing affordable, adaptable enterprise content management systems to state and local governments for quite some time. Our industry-leading solutions for government offer automated workflows, improved speed and efficiency, reduced costs and proper compliance. 

ImageSoft is ready to help your organization reap the benefits from integrated enterprise content management. 

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