While it’s always sad to see summer end, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to fall. Autumn is a time of great change that is clearly visible in the world around us. From leaves changing colors to crisp morning frost forming on lawns, it’s always clear when fall is in full swing. It can be one of the most beautiful seasons because we get to watch our environment transform before our eyes. This year, we encourage you to take a look at your organization and rally your team to make changes that are as beautiful and noteworthy as those we experience in autumn.  

For those within the Justice System, opportunities for positive change are all around you. Most notably, the industry is transforming in response to the growing popularity of and reliance on technology and digital tools. You can facilitate a change within your organization by implementing modern solutions that will help you keep up with the changing climate. Here are a few ideas to help get you started on your journey to technology-driven change: 

  • Update your legacy evidence management processes: There are countless roles throughout the Justice System who have some level of involvement with evidence for trials. Legacy systems tend to look like overflowing filing cabinets, fully stocked evidence lockers, and desks crowded with mountains of paperwork. Once you decide it’s time for change, you can completely revamp your evidence management system to bring it online.Vault is our Digital Evidence Management system that is designed to store, share, and play back multimedia files from nearly any device. Scan in documents, submit photos electronically, and save videos in-platform to free up valuable space in your office. The user-friendly interface takes almost no time at all to master and will prevent many common pain points associated with storing physical evidence.
  • Take filing into the 21st Century: The best changes are those that improve productivity while simultaneously making daily life more convenient for all staff. One of the most tedious tasks within the court is filing documents. Between remote offices, backlogged mail services, and unconventional work schedules, getting a document through the filing process can be a real headache these days. By making the change to Electronic Filing with TrueFiling, your team can upload and submit documents with little more than a few clicks. Not only is the process faster, but it also saves physical resources and offers higher security when sharing and storing documents. We are constantly developing TrueFiling, so keep an eye out for information about new updates.
  • Prioritize accessibility and security: Opting to change the way you view accessibility and security can completely transform your organization. With many employees working remotely at least some of the time, you want to ensure they can access what they need, where and when they need it. At the start of the work from home movement, many organizations within sensitive industries such as the Justice System were hesitant to grant employees remote access. Luckily, cloud hosting places all key processes into the cloud that can be access by any authorized user no matter where they are. ImageSoft offers cloud hosting and migration to the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud to give organizations the confidence to permit and encourage remote work. All data stored is backed by Government-level security and is safeguarded by encryption. Optional permissions and required passcodes are also available to add yet another layer of security for your peace of mind 

Are you ready to change with the seasons? It’s never too late to start updating your processes, and an after summer refresher can be just what you need to get going. For advice on what you can start changing, reach out to the ImageSoft team.  

New Tools to Modernize Courts

The Ohio Supreme Court recently compiled new guides for using technology, such as conducting remote hearings and drafting a court technology plan. A task force was assembled to aid in the transition to a more digitally-driven Justice System, filled with various roles to offer insight into all aspects of the industry. Ohio is one of the most recent states to structure how courts will utilize technology moving forward. What do you think about creating tasks forces like this? How can it benefit other states? 

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Top 3 Ways ImageSoft Guarantees Secure Digital Solutions

As a digital technology company, the ImageSoft team knows how crucial it is to provide solutions that are reliable and trustworthy. We’ve come a long way, but tackling new technology can still be daunting to those not well-versed in the industry. To ease some stress and build some trust, we’ve ensured that all of our products are backed with unwavering security measures. We know you handle some sensitive information, and we guarantee its safekeeping within all our platforms.

In this blog post, we take some time to break down the top three ways we offer secure digital solutions to every customer.

Keep Digital Evidence Secure with Vault

Vault is ImageSoft’s Digital Evidence Management platform designed specifically to help the Justice System improve their relationship with and use of digital solutions. Vault can aid in uploading, managing, storing, reviewing, and playing back nearly any multimedia format, bringing the evidence process entirely online.

Backed by Government-level security, Vault can be used by Clerks, Admins, Prosecutors, DAs, Judges, and more. 

Should Judges Stay Up to Date on Technology?

Judges are a key player in the Justice System. They are the individuals responsible for dishing out punishments when crimes are committed, and they are the backbone of all courtroom proceedings. With emerging digital evidence as well as hybrid court models, it’s becoming increasing necessary to properly train judges on new Justice Technology.

How are various states handling this ask, and are we doing enough? Read the article to find out! 

What Can We Do For You?

ImageSoft guides courts through the various challenges of becoming a paperless court. Our industry-leading solutions offer a component model methodology to automated workflows, improved speed and efficiency, reduced costs and proper compliance. 

ImageSoft is ready to help your court system reap the benefits from digital transformation. 

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