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You may notice this newsletter is adorned with unusually more topic-focused resources. That’s because we’re celebrating the barrier-shattering opportunities afforded by online dispute resolution (ODR) that are expanding into North America and Canada, courtesy of ImageSoft’s new partnership!

It is with great excitement and optimism that ImageSoft officially announces its business partnership with Resolve Disputes Online (casually referred to as “RDO”). An organization established by and for attorneys, mediators and arbitrators, RDO is also a leader in our shared mission to increase access to justice. 

As the nation continues navigating an uncertain, post-pandemic future, becoming increasingly remote in the process, the justice community needs a safe environment to continue serving and protecting the public. Bearing this truth in mind, we are thrilled to welcome RDO’s online dispute resolution platform as the newest addition to ImageSoft’s existing range of court technology solutions and services. This partnership comes during a time of great need for the justice community and also bolsters our mission to make justice more accessible, both geographically and economically, to constituents. 

In the announcing press release, ImageSoft President Scott Bade remarked that, “Courts and mediators around the world have been slowly adopting ODR technology for several years, but the pandemic has really made this a necessity. The technology has been proven; it makes the court better and it improves fairness and access to justice for the citizens.  We share a passion with RDO for helping people and providing great service – they’re good people doing good work, and we’re excited to provide RDO technology to our existing customers and to new customers in the USA and Canada.” 

This is truly a celebratory milestone in ImageSoft’s history. One newsletter can’t express our gratitude to our nation-wide customers and partners for all their trust and support in our team and mission, and we look forward to continue providing you with innovative, best-in-class solutions and personable, anything-but-robotic service. 

We hope you’re just as excited to start on this new journey with us. Learn more about our new online dispute resolution platform and how it can support your mediation, arbitration or courthouse goals by visiting www.ResolveDisputes.com


The ImageSoft Family

Mediation and Arbitration So Good, It CAN Be Criminal! 

If you buy a blue, ceramic owl off eBay and, instead, receive a polka-dotted elephant, you can resolve your dispute through eBay’s online dispute resolution (ODR) platform – this option has been available for quite some time. In recent years, the concept has also perked up the justice community’s ears as a viable option for small claims disputes, but, with the right capabilities, the benefits of ODR expand even into criminal cases. 

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With ODR on the Map, Let’s Take a Road Trip! 

Have you ever seen “The Big Shoe” Shoe Repair in Bakersfield, CA? How about the Tower of Pizza in Green Brook, NJ?  

Join Zach and Danielle from the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) for a “tiny chat” tour of roadside America as they explore both outlandish places and key considerations for jurisdictions who may be considering the increasingly popular option of online dispute resolution (ODR).  

In less than fifteen minutes, you’ll laugh a lot and learn quite a bit about how ODR is transforming the landscape of courts across the nation. And remember to keep your eyes peeled for a special guest appearance! 

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Online Dispute Resolution ‘Is Here to Stay’ 

A few months before anyone was concerned about COVID-19 and life was proceeding as we once knew it, the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) recorded an episode for their Court Talk podcast titled “Online dispute resolution ‘is here to stay.’” 

Guest featuring Utah Supreme Court Justice Deno Himonas, the podcast explores how eBay’s original concept, established about 20 years ago, has transformed how today’s justice system operates – most notably, using smartphones, computers and other digital means that allow cases to be settled without ever setting foot in a courthouse.  

As you tune in, think about these concepts in the context of today’s increasingly virtual world and the opportunities now available to courts to turn their backlogged processes into robust, streamlined approaches to justice.  

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What Can We Do For You?

ImageSoft guides courts through the various challenges of becoming a paperless court. Our industry-leading solutions offer a component model methodology to automated workflows, improved speed and efficiency, reduced costs and proper compliance. 

ImageSoft is ready to help your court system reap the benefits from digital transformation. 

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