As a digital technology company, the ImageSoft team knows how crucial it is to provide solutions that are reliable and trustworthy. We’ve come a long way, but tackling new technology can still be daunting to those not well-versed in the industry. To ease some stress and build some trust, we’ve ensured that all of our products are backed with unwavering security measures. We know you handle some sensitive information, and we guarantee its safekeeping within all our platforms.

We want to take some time to break down the top three ways we offer secure digital solutions to every customer. Whether you’re in Government, Justice, Insurance, or other industries, we provide the protection you need to confidently switch to a cloud-based or paperless process.

Automatic Audit Trails

The first way we are able to guarantee security is through the use of automatic audit trails. For several of our products, we designed the platform to track interactions in real-time, and self-report them all. Automatic audit trails help to hold everyone accountable for what transpires on a platform. In the digital realm, it’s the equivalent to a sign-out sheet. Each logged interaction validates that a document was accessed at a particular date and time. Should authenticity, chain of custody, or logs ever be questioned, customers simply log into the platform and can see the automatic audit trails to confirm or dispel rumors, accusations, etc. Let’s take a look at a few of the platforms that offer automatic audits:

  • Vault: Vault is our Digital Evidence Management platform for those in the Justice System. Vault allows users to upload, store, manage, share, and playback evidence files. Because evidence is typically confidential and sensitive, it’s important that it doesn’t get out to the public. Chain of custody is strictly regulated to ensure that all exhibits were obtained, managed, and viewed by only authorized users. Vault is one of our secure digital solutions that comes equipped with automatic audit trails. Whenever evidence is added to the platform, a log is created that will track all movements within or of that file. This audit log is updated each time the file is accessed, and notes are taken if edits are made, a video is viewed, or the exhibit is shared. The court can then go into the logs at any time to determine who viewed the file and when. If chain of custody is questioned, the automatic audit trail will reveal the truth. By transparently tracking all interactions, Vault ensures that parties remain accountable for their actions.
  • TrueFiling: Next on list is TrueFiling, our Electronic Filing System. Like Vault, this is a solution designed for the Justice System space. Therefore, it can be assumed that the majority of all documents filed contain sensitive information. Once again, this data needs protection from those not authorized to view it. As documents are filed, a log is created that shows when it was uploaded, if it was renamed or moved to a new location, who accessed it and when, and if it was approved or rejected by the court. This full transparency allows anyone with access to the platform to track exact movements of all documents. There is no way to secretly edit, remove, or reorganize a document without it being logged. File status and location can be searched in a few seconds, and all movement can be traced from the time of upload through its duration in an archive.
  • TrueSign: Finally, we have TrueSign, our Advanced Electronic Signature platform. As with the previously mentioned products, TrueSign creates an automatic audit trail for each document uploaded to the platform. When dealing with contracts, agreements, vendors, etc., being able to refer back to any changes or acceptance is vital. If someone signs a document in TrueSign, that signature is audited. The signer cannot later turn around and claim they never signed it, nor can they claim changes were made without their knowledge. The full trail is logged, and any allegations can be confirmed or denied almost immediately. This offers added confidence for the party handling the document and keeps things out in the open for everyone involved.

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud

To offer our customers the most secure digital solutions possible, we offer hosting in

the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. As the name implies, this cloud is trusted by the US Government. Azure is extremely well-known and regarded, and we are proud to work with their highly protected cloud. Any of our cloud-based solutions can be migrated to or developed in the Azure Government Cloud to give users peace of mind about not hosting something on-prem. We understand that for many businesses, migrating to the cloud can be daunting. After all, it seems risky to store all of your most valuable data on the internet, right? The Microsoft Azure Government Cloud can take away that worry because it is backed by some of the most effective security measures out there. In fact, it was specifically designed to manage documents and data from the most secretive areas of the federal government. In our opinion, if the Department of Defense can trust something, so can we.

Encryption, Permissions, and Digital Certificates.

Lastly, we promise encryption, permission-granting capabilities, and various other safeguards to help you trust our products. While many secure digital solutions feature these options, we allow them to be built upon, combined, and configured to meet your needs. There’s no additional license or fee required; these protections are built in.

  • Encryption: Encryption is the process of transforming readable data into a scrambled code prior to sending it. The code disguises the data to prevent hackers from seeing the document in its entirety. For all of our products, any instance of sharing is encrypted. Why is this important you may ask? Well, let’s say you’re working with an exhibit on the Vault platform. Said exhibit is a crime scene breakdown that has not yet been released to the public. Without encryption, any hacker could intercept the shared file and see everything contained in the document. With encryption, the file they open will be a jumbled mess that they cannot make sense of. In this instance, encrypting the message can prevent private details from being leaked before the police are ready to let the public know what’s happened.
  • Permissions: Most people are familiar with the idea of user permissions and have seen it in action frequently. The basic premise is that certain users can access data while others cannot. A special password or key may be required, or the system can automatically admit an authorized user based on sign-in, IP, or other factors. This is commonly used in remote companies that store their data in centralized databases. There are likely files that the executives have access to but no one else does. Likewise, lower-level employees may get only the most basic access while their superiors can view or edit more important documents freely. Permissions prevent information sharing between parties that need not concern themselves with it. As a bonus, permissions can also act as another wall against hackers by requiring another login or verification.
  • Digital Certificates: Though specific to only one of our secure digital solutions, digital certificates are hugely beneficial. TrueSign is where they come into play, and they can make a world of difference in the validity of your electronic signatures. In the case of TrueSign, an admin can enable digital certificates for particular envelope types. Whenever those envelopes are created and sent, they will be backed by a TrueSign digital certificate. Essentially, the platform looks at all signatures in the envelope to ensure no changes were made after signing. If everything looks good, TrueSign signs off on it and validates it as a legitimate signature you can trust.

Have we made it clear how much we prioritize secure digital solutions? Security is one of our top concerns because we understand how valuable the information you share with our platforms is. We go above and beyond to help customers feel confident in their solutions, and we are always happy to walk through security measures with you in more detail. For comments, questions, or concerns, please reach out to our team.

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