We are now officially in the throes of the holiday season! Regardless of what you celebrate, December is typically a month of family gatherings, gift exchanges, and fun parties with friends. Although we are approaching the end of the year, it isn’t too late to find the perfect gift! If you’re in the market for a gift for your organization, consider our secure digital solutions as the ultimate present. We offer a range of solutions, each equipped with top-notch security and innovative features, to help you close out the year strong and ring in 2023 with a flourish

Vault for Digital Evidence Management

Who should use it?: Vault was designed for Courts and/or Prosecutors who deal with evidence of any kind. It’s also perfect for Insurers dealing with claims, as well as Law Enforcement.

What is it?: Vault is the perfect gift for an organization regularly handling evidence and exhibits. If you’re looking for a secure digital solution capable of handling newer formats of evidence such as CCTV footage, cell phone videos, laptop data exports, audio files and more, Vault is the answer. It’s a centralized database hosted in the secure Microsoft Government Azure Cloud designed specifically for the uploading, storing, managing, sharing, and playing back of multimedia files and other types of evidence. Files of various formats can be uploaded in seconds, normalized into a streamable format, and saved into the database. Vault is accessible to any authorized party who may need to look at evidence. If needed, files can even be shared outside of the organization so outside parties can view evidence. Vault is a powerful addition to any Court, Prosecutor’s Office, or even Insurance agency, for streamlining the evidence management process without sacrificing security.

Gift-worthy features:

  • Hosted in Microsoft Government Azure Cloud
  • Automatic normalization of most popular formats
  • In-platform streaming from nearly any device
  • Protected sharing with external users
  • Customizable metadata for easy search and storage
  • Powerful, pre-built workflows to assist in the management of files and users
  • Physical evidence “forms” to assist in the tracking of non-digital evidence
  • Automatic auditing for chain of custody protection

TrueSign for Electronic Signatures

Who should use it?: TrueSign can genuinely benefit nearly any type of business. After all, all organizations require signatures at some point!

What is it: TrueSign is an advanced electronic signature platform for both internal and external signers. It’s one of our most popular secure digital solutions because of its versatility and dependability. TrueSign users can sign or request signatures from within the platform – no additional software needed. Any smartphone, tablet, or computer can instantly transform into a signature pad for real-time signing. All signatures are backed by a digital certificate to validate the authenticity. This, combined with the other safety features built into the platform, makes TrueSign an excellent addition to any HIPAA, CJIS, or otherwise compliant system. When paired with other processes following these regulations, TrueSign can be a valuable tool for those in Healthcare, Government, the Justice System, Insurance, and other general business sectors.

Gift-worthy features:

  • Automatic audit trails for every signature
  • Document Template Library for storing templated versions of frequently used documents
  • Guided signing for any external user who may be unfamiliar with the technology or platform
  • 3 Ways to Sign – email, text, or QR code
  • Envelopes to keep all related documents together
  • Flexible pricing models to suit your needs and stay within budget

TrueFiling for Court Filing and Processing

Who should use it?: TrueFiling is perfect for Courts large and small. It will also benefit any filers to those Courts should they adopt eFiling as well.

What is it?: TrueFiling is an electronic filing system composed of two distinct parts. TrueFiling is the front end where filers can submit documents to the necessary Court. TrueFiling can be used by Prosecutors, pro se filers, and other litigants for filing any case type. With just a few clicks, TrueFiling automatically routes the documents to the correct place.

TrueFiling Review is the back end of the system and is designed for Court personnel in charge of processing filings. Once a document comes in from a filer, the Court can access it through TrueFiling Review to process it accordingly. Documents can be approved or rejected, shared, stored, etc. All fees associated with filing are handled in-platform, so Court personnel don’t need to worry about it. TrueFiling Review is web-based and is a “lite” version of processing offered by the likes of OnBase – perfect for single or small Courts.

Gift-worthy features:

  • Multi-jurisdictional filing options
  • All case types accepted including appellate documents
  • Secure sharing and sending within the platform
  • In-platform fee payment

Resolve Disputes Online for Online Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration

Who should use it?: Ideal for Insurance Agencies and the Justice System/Courts.

What is it?: Resolve Disputes Online (RDO) is an Online Dispute Resolution platform for easily accessible negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. RDO connects parties together virtually to avoid in-person trials that eat into the Court’s time for more complicated cases. RDO is one of our fastest-growing secure digital solutions as more and more Courts look for ways to clear out the courtroom for non-criminal cases. RDO can be used as the first attempt to settle civil cases and is commonly used in simple misdemeanors as well. In fact, some states and jurisdictions are requiring alternative settlement options be tried prior to going to trial. RDO facilitates all discussions throughout the process with the help of a mediator or arbitrator who also appears virtually. Negotiations can be sent back and forth within the platform and any associated court fees can be paid.

Gift-worthy features:

  • Access from nearly anywhere with internet connection
  • Video meeting tools for virtual, real-time communication
  • All negotiations occur in-platform to keep the process streamlined and trackable
  • Binding and non-binding arbitration supported
  • Useful for asynchronous trials if a party is unable to appear in court

SafeEncounter for Community Safety

Who should use it?: SafeEncounter is a secure digital solution designed for Law Enforcement, first responders, and public constituents.

What is it?: SafeEncounter is a community safety database to help Law Enforcement have more positive experiences with vulnerable members of the community. Loved ones can create free profiles for any at-risk dependent and it will be sent to the district’s database. Each profile contains valuable information including physical description, photos, triggers, medical conditions, emergency contacts, and more. If a registered person wanders from home and is found by police, the officer can search the database to help identify them and ultimately reach out to their family for them to safely reunite. SafeEncounter is commonly used for people with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, Autism, Down’s Syndrome, severe mental health issues, non-verbal communication styles, or other factors that make them prone to wandering. By putting the information at the officer’s fingertips, a situation can be safely and effectively de-escalated without causing further distress to the lost individual or the community.

Gift-worthy features:

  • Registrant mapping for location-based searching
  • Easy to edit comprehensive profiles
  • Absolutely free to the public
  • Accessible from dispatch and/or patrol vehicles
  • Multiple family members can be listed as emergency contacts
  • Extremely secure database only visible to authorized Law Enforcement agencies

That’s quite the list if we do say so ourselves! Any organization would benefit from seeing one of these secure digital solutions show up at their door this holiday season, or even as a New Year’s welcoming gift. We have solutions for businesses across several industries, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about which solution best fits your organization’s needs. This is not a comprehensive list of everything we have to offer, so you may discover there’s a product you haven’t read about here that could meet your needs! We hope you have a lovely December and spend some time celebrating with friends and family. From our ImageSoft family to yours, Happy Holidays!

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