It’s Autumn! For those that live in areas that are quickly getting brisker, you’re probably watching trees turn bright shades of orange, red, and yellow. It’s one of the busiest seasons, filled with traditions you don’t want to miss. Some call it ‘basic’ if Autumn is your favorite season, but there’s just so much to love! In that way, ImageSoft is like Autumn – there’s so much to enjoy about what we have to offer. For a fun comparison, we want to go through a few of our products and compare them to everyone’s favorite Autumn activities/staples.

Vault – Halloween Decorations

We have some Halloween fanatics here at ImageSoft, so it had to make the list in some way or another! Halloween is such a great holiday because there are ways for everyone to enjoy it. It really doesn’t matter what you like when it comes to spooky season, there is something fun for you to decorate your house with. On one end of the Halloween spectrum, we have the horror fanatics who create “wonderlands” on their front yards complete with terrifying animatronics, fake blood and gore, iconic horror movie villains, and overall scary vibes. In the middle, you have those who love Halloween but aren’t fond of gore, being terrified, or disturbing images. These folks have some creepy decorations, but don’t reach for the décor that can give you nightmares. And, of course, you have your fun-loving Halloween fans who go with cuter decorations like happy pumpkins, cartoon witches, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, etc. None of these people (or those in between) are wrong – Halloween is fun for everyone, and there are decorations available to make whatever vision you may have come to life.

Similarly, Vault is a single solution with something for everyone. If you work in the Justice System and handle evidence in any capacity, Vault can work for you. No two job roles have the same requirements or goals, so Vault has a list of features that can work altogether, or in smaller groups based on needs. Prosecutors typically go all-out, using Vault for everything from discovery through playback at the trial. Law Enforcement utilizes the uploading and storing features, but doesn’t have much need for the review capabilities after the fact. Judges need Vault for reviewing and admitting evidence to expedite the hearing process.    The entire spectrum of options is there, but each user can choose how to use the platform in a way that makes sense for them.  Everyone loves Vault for their own reasons, just like Halloween and the decorations that go with it.

TrueSign – Everything Apples

While often overshadowed by pumpkin, apples are a true hero of Autumn. If you stop to take stock of how common apples are in Autumn festivities, you quickly realize their importance to the season. Here are just a few ways apples play a major role in making Autumn so special:

  • Apple picking
  • Apple cider
  • Apple cider donuts
  • Apple pie and crisp
  • Apple-scented candles
  • Candy/Caramel apples
  • Apple jelly or jam

Of course, we can’t forget how delicious apples all are on their own. And there are so many varieties to choose from to find the flavor you like best. In Autumn, some of our favorite varieties include Honeycrisp, Red Delicious, Gala, McIntosh, and Granny Smith. If you’ve tried any of them before, you know how distinctive each is. Red Delicious are juicy and sweet whereas Granny Smiths have more crunch and are tart. There’s an apple for everyone and even more ways to prepare them!

Why is TrueSign like apples in Autumn? Well, it’s a tried-and-true product that has people coming back year after year. It’s an unsung hero that has so many uses across industries and job roles. Regardless of what you do, there’s a way to use TrueSign to improve your daily life. Signatures are required in nearly all avenues of business, and TrueSign is a reliable way to send and collect signatures quickly and efficiently. Whichever industry you’re in, there’s a feature of TrueSign that will become a favorite. We work with Insurance, Government, Courts, Law Firms, and more, and the options to grow are endless. Put your own spin on a “recipe” to cook up the Electronic Signature product you need and want from TrueSign. It’s a crowd favorite and convenient by itself, or as part of a larger system.

TrueFiling – Corn Mazes

We’d be shocked if you’ve never been to a corn maze during Autumn. After all, what’s better than wandering aimlessly through the corn with friends on a hunt for punches, ways out, or that one friend who keeps hiding between the stalks? Corn mazes are quintessentially Autumn, and no matter how hard you try to argue, it’s an activity that all ages can enjoy. Many corn mazes have two distinct halves to them that meet in the middle in a more open area. The idea is to mark the halfway point and let you know that you’re headed toward the end goal. If you reach the center, you know you’re on track and will get out soon enough. You have a point to move away from that will send you toward the exit.

Like corn mazes, TrueFiling has two distinct halves that meet in the middle. The overall goal is to get a document from Point A to Point B, regardless of where the document comes from. The front half of TrueFiling is for filers, giving them a digital avenue for filing documents to the court. Documents may come from several sources and have different paths to getting filed, but once in the system, they are all headed to the same place. The central “rest” area in the filing maze is the handoff between filers and the courts. A document is well on its way, but still hasn’t quite reached the end. From here, TrueFiling Review, a new aspect of TrueFiling, will take over. The figurative map of the filing corn maze is handed off to a new leader to help get the documents through the back half. Court personnel can review and approve the documents, leading them down the path to the exit. If things don’t check out when the map is handed over, the file could find itself moving back toward the entrance where it’s once again up to the filers to get things back on track. The court will always be the one leading the documents to the end of the line, either through OnBase or in TrueFiling Review’s lighter, web-based path. By combining the two halves of TrueFiling together, it’s now possible to complete the maze and get documents filed efficiently.

SafeEncounter – Big, Cozy Sweaters

Autumn is sweater season. After a summer of tank tops, sun dresses, and jean shorts, there’s nothing quite like throwing on an oversized knit sweater and getting cozy on the couch. Wearing a sweater is like getting a hug all day long. It’s warm, soft, and makes you feel good, even in the brisk Autumn weather. Sweaters always have your back (no pun intended) regardless of the situation. Chilling at home? Sweater. Fancy night out? Sweater. Last minute “I wasn’t at all prepared for this” plans? Sweater. They’re reliable and will never let you down.

Just like big cozy sweaters, SafeEncounter is always there for you, no matter the situation. As a Community Safety Database, the program is designed to offer comfort and protection to members of the community who are prone to confusion or wandering. Dependent profiles can aid police in identifying an individual and returning them home safely. Thanks to the detailed descriptions included in each profile, any type of situation can benefit from the program. The way the program is used might be different in the same way you may style a sweater differently for events, but it’s there as a reliable resource that keeps everyone feeling good.

SafeEncounter is also like a sweater because it’s technology with heart. It helps foster positive relationships and can help bring about the warm and fuzzy stories we all love to hear about police helping their constituents. Maybe the comparison is a bit too on the-nose, but we truly believe the safety and comfort the program provides is its biggest asset. The individuals who are vulnerable are protected, but so are their loved ones by giving them peace of mind in any situation. SafeEncounter is there for everyone and should be a Law Enforcement staple in the same way sweaters are Autumn staples.

We hope you enjoyed this fun comparison of our products to Autumn staples you can relate to. We take pride in creating solutions that are beneficial to a variety of job roles, and we always strive to develop programs that will become “staples” in their own right. If you’re interested in learning more about what we can do for your organization, please visit We also encourage you to reach out to the team with any questions or to schedule a live demo of any products you’re interested in. Happy Autumn!

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