If you’re like most people, you appreciate some version of “try before you buy.” After all, if we spend money on something, we want to ensure it will work for us. You also likely want to see behind the curtain a bit because you can’t judge a book by its cover. The ImageSoft Team completely understands the need to see a solution in action before committing to it. As such, we offer product demos for all offerings including our entire suite of solutions and OnBase by Hyland Software. Today, let’s discuss the advantages of attending a product demo when you’re in the market for a new solution.

Product demos show the inner workings of a platform.

The most obvious benefit of product demos is the chance to see a solution in action. You’ll learn how the platform functions in a real-time walk-through rather than imagine the system based on infographics, written descriptions, or general conversations. ImageSoft product demos always take you inside the platforms where you can see all the features and functionality at work. We won’t delve into coding (unless you ask us to!), but we make it a point to highlight the many uses of the tool. If you attend a demo before purchasing a new solution, you’ll go in with a basic ­understanding of navigating the interfaces, so you don’t feel overwhelmed later. The facilitator of the product demo will walk thru a live demo, highlighting day-to-day product features, and the security features that will be most beneficial for your organization.

Demos are led by product experts who can answer your questions in real-time.

Our sales engineers have been performing demos for decades. They sit with you to give a unique demo catering to your organization’s needs. By meeting with a live human rather than an automated video, you can ask for clarification or repeats of actions at any time. In addition, demos always provide time to ask questions about the solution as a whole. Rather than speculate about the program, you can ask and receive direct feedback. We are often asked about specific use cases that apply to the organization we’re demoing for. Our sales engineer can respond immediately and even show you how that scenario might look. It’s a perfect opportunity to know if the platform checks all the boxes you need to make an informed decision. 

ImageSoft product demos highlight the features most applicable to your organization.

Our engineers are wizards when showcasing the features your organization will find most beneficial – you probably won’t have to ask about specific use cases because they’ll already have it on the agenda. Prior to your demo, our team gathers background research into your organization. This helps us compile a list of challenges you may face that our product can help overcome. By customizing the demo experience, you’re guaranteed to see features meaningful to your processes and organization. Our main goal is to show you what we can do for you, not what we can in general.

Demos show the solution from both internal and external perspectives.

Most of the time, a product’s website or informational collateral is directed at either the businesses, who can use it, or the end users, who will benefit from it. Since we work mainly in the B2B/non-consumer space, we ensure our demos cover what platforms look like to internal users and what your end users, or customers will see when all is said and done. Sales engineers will walk through the system from a back-end view before switching to the front-end view. Each ImageSoft solution was designed to provide a great user experience for both sides of the coin. We want to ensure you fully understand the product you’re considering implementing into your organization from all angles. You know your end users more than we ever could, so any solution deserves your approval on their behalf. 

Product demos let you know how user-friendly a platform is.

Related to the last section, a product demo lets you see user experience first-hand. Like most companies, ImageSoft promises ease of use and straightforward navigation throughout all platforms. Unfortunately, some companies do not offer live demos, and you’ll implement a solution only to find out it’s incredibly complex and not at all how they made it sound. We know people have been burned before – and we are proud of our products – so we invite you to product demos that walk through the platform one step at a time. There’s no hiding navigation when the sales engineer clicks through the program in real-time. As we mentioned earlier, you can request specific pathways if you’re curious about the experience of completing a task your team will often repeat. We have nothing to hide and will gladly show you how easy it is to progress from Point A to Point B. 

There are countless other reasons to sign up for product demos, but these are a few of the most prominent. ImageSoft offers demos for all solutions to new and existing customers. We will work with your schedule to plan a meeting and curate a demo touching on the features you’re most interested in. A demo is extremely valuable in becoming familiar with a program before you make any decisions. Our product demos are free, so there’s no risk in signing up for one (or multiple!). If you’d like to schedule a demo, contact the team and let us know which solution(s) you want to see. As a reminder, our solutions include the following:

All demos are private and held online for your convenience. We look forward to meeting you! 

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