What makes a perfect match? There are a few top things to consider when deciding if someone or something is indeed suitable for you: Is this person/thing compatible with your current life? Will this person/thing bring about a positive change in your life simply by being part of it? Much like choosing a date, you should ask yourself these questions from the perspective of your job role or organization. Adopting new business technology is not a one-size-fits-all process because each organization has drastically different needs. ImageSoft is proud to offer multiple perfect match options based on your industry’s pain points and specific goals. Today, let’s discuss a few of the pairings that have historically been hugely successful!

Vault and Prosecutors

Match #1 is Vault, our Digital Evidence Management platform, and Prosecutors. Vault was developed specifically to aid people like Prosecutors in submitting and managing multimedia evidence. The platform is a centralized location for uploading, storing, and viewing assets, including videos, audio recordings, images, scanned documents, and more. This pairing checks the boxes for each of the questions posed in the opening paragraph:

  1. Is it compatible with your current life?
    Yes! Vault can be integrated with existing business systems to add to processes that are already working for you. Vault is not here to take over; instead, it wants to lend a helping hand to improve your current situation through its many features. Vault will fit nicely into your day-to-day tasks, offering a helping hand when it comes to submitting evidence, organizing evidence or sharing it with others. Rather than leave you with a pile of files to sort through, Vault will take the evidence and information you have already collected and make it more manageable and accessible.
  2. Will it bring about a positive change in your life?
    Absolutely! The addition of new business technology will make all the difference in how your team operates. Vault is the fastest and easiest way to handle the types of evidence that legacy systems simply cannot. By giving your organization better ways to serve customers, you can focus on trying cases rather than managing files. Vault’s built-in sharing feature and comprehensive audit trails allow you to share files with confidence and transparency. On a personal level, Vault aids Prosecutors who have a lot of digital evidence to deal with. Prosecutors get an assistant of sorts by way of business technology with a focus on speed, efficiency, and security.

SafeEncounter and Law Enforcement

There is an ever-growing movement to ensure police officers are prioritizing their community’s safety over all else. One of the best ways to make that happen is to pair officers with a partner who knows the community and can offer advice on handling certain individuals. By matching SafeEncounter with Law Enforcement, a perfect power couple is formed. You see, it’s not feasible to ask police to know every single person on a personal level – there aren’t enough officers for that. SafeEncounter knows officers need help sometimes, and it’s always there to offer as needed. As a Community Safety Database, SafeEncounter is a revolutionary business technology that could help save lives.

  1. Is it compatible with your current life?
    Yes! We understand that many areas and jurisdictions already have some disability log in use. However, the legacy logs are physical books which can be stolen or destroyed. In addition, life as an officer is fast-paced. You need business technology that can keep up, not old processes that slow you down. SafeEncounter can easily be implemented in your current system and will be a much better fit for forward-thinking, driven departments.
  2. Will it bring a positive change?
    This is a resounding yes! During an emergency, police can access the SafeEncounter database to determine if the individual in question has any disabilities or medical conditions to be aware of. This allows them to prepare for the interaction and make a plan that will protect both themselves and the vulnerable person. For example, if Tommy is Autistic and doesn’t like to be touched when he’s scared, an officer will be able to find alternative ways to calm the boy down without triggering his fight or flight response. Community members will feel assured that the local police are well-equipped to handle those with disabilities, creating a deeper sense of trust. SafeEncounter will foster positive relationships between Law Enforcement and its constituents to improve the quality of interactions, decrease mistakes made, and build up the unit’s reputation.

TrueSign and Government Agencies

It was hard to narrow down who the perfect match is for TrueSign, but Government agencies are the best fit at the moment. TrueSign allows organizations to send and request signatures electronically. Government workers know how much paperwork is involved in the industry and have long since been on a hunt for a business technology that makes sense for them. Enter TrueSign, an affordable, reliable, and comprehensive platform that can transform any smartphone or tablet into a signature pad. TrueSign is the perfect match Government agencies have been looking forward to for years.

  1. Is it compatible with your current life?   
    TrueSign is more than compatible with what you currently use. Integrating TrueSign is as simple as possible and applicable with new and existing business applications. Government work processes involve more documents than you can count. With even Government workers staying remote (or opting for a hybrid environment), it can be tricky to collect the signatures you need when you work out of the office, so TrueSign will make your processes even more compatible with your life!
  2. Will it bring positive change?
    We can’t picture any circumstance where TrueSign wouldn’t make a tremendous difference in any organization that relies on signatures. For Government agencies specifically, TrueSign will cut hours of tedious tasks off your work week. Once you create an account, you can create templates with ready-to-fill fields and send them off in just a few clicks. If you are the signer, open your email, text, or QR scanner and get ready to transform your smartphone into a signature pad. Your entire department will notice a drastic improvement in turnaround time, and signing documents suddenly won’t feel like such a chore.

TrueFiling and Pro Se Filers

Lastly, we have to mention one perfect match you won’t see elsewhere. TrueFiling is ImageSoft’s eFiling platform for court documents. Filers can submit documents electronically for near real-time submission to the Courts. Unlike other eFiling platforms, TrueFiling supports all case types and is available to pro se filers. When a litigant files on their own behalf, they deserve the same business technology law firms and other filers receive – we made it happen.

  1. Is it compatible with your current life?
    For pro se filers, dealing with the traditional filing system can be tedious and frustrating. You have things to do and places to be, and you don’t have time to mail documents or deliver them to X, Y, or Z office. TrueFiling fits in with your busy schedule to give you the flexibility to file anytime, anywhere. Simply upload a document, pay your filing fees, and be on your way. No disruption to your schedule and no hassle!
  2. Will it bring you positive change?
    We are confident the answer is ‘yes.’ Filing on your own is no easy feat, but people have been persevering through it for years. TrueFiling might be business technology, but it’s also in the business of helping pro se litigants have access to the same tools as firms and large organizations. Filing won’t seem like such a daunting task, and you can go about your business confident your documents are in the right hands. TrueFiling may encourage more people to be pro se filers as a way to cut costs and minimize stress. Once you make the switch, you won’t want to go back to the slow processes of years past.

Clearly, ImageSoft is not only a business technology company, but we are also a matchmaker! We have helped hundreds of organizations find their perfect solution to reach their goals. We take great pride in offering configurable, customizable solutions for a personalized result. Since it’s nearing Valentine’s Day, take a moment to think about what would make a perfect match for your organization. Feel free to head over to https://imagesoftinc.com/ to read more about these products (and our many others!). If you need guidance, contact our team of matchmakers and get started on the path to the best business relationship you could ever imagine!

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