How is your social distancing going?

This is such a heavy time for our world. Everyone, everywhere is stressed not only by COVID-19, but also by isolation. Hugging our loved ones, eating with friends and visiting our neighbors were normal parts of everyday that we’ll surely never again take for granted.

As difficult as it is to “stay home, stay safe,” it’s truly an act of love – we’re stopping the spread of the virus for those we care about and, especially, vulnerable populations. Doing so has forced us to think and operate outside of the box – how can we go about accessing, managing and meeting our daily needs while staying our distance?

So many organizations have stepped up to the plate and innovatively exceeded these expectations. Veterinarian offices are doing in-car care. General Motors, Tesla, Apple, Google and other product manufacturers have rerouted their resources to support hospitals with ventilators, screening apps and stronger face masks. Local restaurants, while temporarily forced to close to diners, have cooked support into hundreds of thousands of meals for medical staff. These selfless acts of kindness are single-handedly upholding our spirits, and we cannot begin to repay the servitude.

Everyone v. COVID-19

Like all of us, your organization probably also wants to do its part in flattening the curve and protecting people, but maybe isn’t quite sure how to go about it. And it’s times like these that we need not to compare what’s within our means to that of billion-dollar industries and organizations. Doing our part is the seemingly small precaution we can all take that makes a world of difference – giving our staff and consumers the access they need to carry on from the safety of their homes.

Every day, we’re hearing of more and more organizations who are working around-the-clock to keep their staff up and running from home. First off, these organizations are unsung heroes – thank you!

These quick-action acts are powerful and applaudable but, while temporarily getting the job done, most of these practices are not sustainable. Obliging us to set up shop in smaller home offices, at kitchen tables and even on our couches, staff are equipped with only a laptop, or otherwise one screen, to operate from. Make-shift workstations work right now, are undeniably cozy and, thankfully, pet-friendly, but are not ideal for fulfilling typical efficiency or production. Clicking around from screen to screen is a frustration in itself – this on top of bogged-down internet speeds obstructing data access and further curbing motivation.

Learning Today. Prepared for Tomorrow.

As “the paperless process people,” centralized data accessibility and security are pain points we see quite frequently. But in times of distress, these elements become the top business priority. As of now, we hope to see the COVID crisis ending soon, putting people back to work and together in their normal, comfortable working environments. Optimistic as we try to be, however, these times of uncertainty and necessary distancing are not finite. There will come a time where, again and probably without warning, we will need to isolate in protection. Please – we encourage everyone to look into equipping their organizations with the Cloud-based tools needed for the next time we need to shift on a moment’s notice. This type of daily operation doubles as shatter-proof insurance when the physical doors close and your organization can stay operational from a distance.

For Those Serving Our Justice Communities: A Free Resource

For our nation’s courts systems, sustainability is critical. If you serve as a law enforcement official, court personnel, prosecutor or anyone in the justice ecosystem, we encourage you to tune in for “Justice Knows No Quarantine: Unlocking Virtual Court Operations When the Physical Doors Close.” This free webinar discusses sustainable, digital court opportunities, including digital notarization, web conferencing, online dispute resolution (ODR) and more. So pertinent to our united struggles of isolation, we encourage everyone to register so you will receive a copy of the recording, even if you can’t virtually attend. 

Sharing Our Experiences

Regardless of your industry, equipping your operations with cloud storage is doing your part. It upholds your commitments to your publics and to your staff, who stay employed while staying safe at home. We know this to be true from our own experience during the Coronavirus crisis. Flipping the switch on remote work almost a month ago, we seamlessly transitioned all our departments to a remote status and, through internal surveys, have found everyone to be managing well. If you would like to hear more about our remote-preparedness plan or about Data Cloud options, we are here for you.

Stay well. Stay safe. We’ll make it through this together.

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