It takes years of unending work to become true experts in a field. ImageSoft has been an OnBase by Hyland Software reseller since the beginning, and we have yet to stop working to find new ways to improve our knowledge and skills. OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management system that is highly customizable, and therefore, a bit tricky to maintain if you aren’t familiar with the back end of things. Never fear – the Customer Care team of ImageSoft is here! We can help you manage things behind the scenes so that you can spend more time utilizing your OnBase system.

ImageSoft is a Diamond OnBase Reseller Support Partner with Unmatched Expertise

ImageSoft has been in the technology and software business for over 25 years. Of those, we have been named a Diamond OnBase Reseller Support Partner by Hyland 20 consecutive times. It’s an achievement we are always honored to receive, as our Customer Care team works with customers day in and day out to assure OnBase is helping to reach their goals. Within our Customer Care team, we have over 50 Hyland certifications in OnBase Workflow, Workview, Kofax, Criminal Justice training, and more. Our experts take regular training to ensure their skills are up-to-date and mastered in the event of an issue within a system.

You can rely on the ImageSoft team to help you develop, set up, implement, and troubleshoot your OnBase system in a timely and efficient manner. As an OnBase Reseller support team, it is our duty to ensure that all customers can fully utilize the system. We work with customers to customize the solution, scale it up or down, and enable new features. OnBase support can be tricky at times, but our Customer Care experts have experience working on the simplest fixes and the biggest fire drills. Companies across the nation in industries like Government, Justice, and Insurance place their trust in us, and we are constantly striving to deliver above and beyond all expectations.

To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

OnBase is an extremely versatile tool. Solutions can be hosted on-premise, in a private cloud, or in the ImageSoft Microsoft Azure cloud. Many customers often ask what the best course of action is, but there is unfortunately no correct answer. Our OnBase support team currently works with all three types of clients, including hybrids of two or more options. From the OnBase Reseller support perspective, cloud hosting with ImageSoft is usually the best choice. When you host with ImageSoft, we have control over the backend of things whereas a private cloud or on-prem solution allows us only a glance at the bones of the solution.

If you’re thinking about transitioning to the cloud, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • OnBase Reseller support can assist before, during, and after the transition.
  • If OnBase is hosted in the ImageSoft cloud, the Customer Care team can go in and make changes to fix a broken system, rather than trying to walk your IT team through what can be a very complicated process.
  • The cloud is far more secure than many people believe. There is encryption, audit trails, user authorization, and other safeguards in place to prevent your system from being hacked.
  • Storing data in the cloud provides access to all authorized employees at all times, from anywhere.
  • The Microsoft Azure Cloud is backed by Government-level security to give you peace of mind.
  • The ImageSoft Customer Care team is constantly receiving new certifications and trainings so that they can assist you even with the newest or most in-depth aspects of the OnBase system.
  • OnBase Reseller support is available to all OnBase customers, regardless of their storage location. Again, it is worth noting that we have much more control in the Azure Cloud, and we can jump in to troubleshoot for you.

The Many Uses of ImageSoft OnBase Support

We’ve been fortunate enough to receive high praise from many OnBase customers, whether they started with us or found us later in their OnBase journey. As we’ve encountered issues or stumbled across gaps in the OnBase Reseller support market, our Customer Care team has adapted and adopted new training that can overcome challenges customers tend to face. Some of the most common reasons why customers turn to us include:

  • Adding/Removing Features: OnBase is a very user-friendly platform in most regards but making significant changes to the back end can pose a problem. When it comes to adding or removing features, it’s often wise to leave it to experts. Customer Care and Professional Services can work together to help you reimagine your system into what you need to reach business goals. For those without IT, coding, or software development experience, adding or removing features can be an impossible task. The ImageSoft Customer Care and Professional Services teams can handle it for you, so that your solution is in top condition as soon as possible.
  • Scaling Up: One of the most attractive aspects of OnBase is its scalability. You can implement the system when you’re a small company, and it can easily grow with you as you expand your team, product/service line, and needs. Again, this is not typically a simple task for the average business owner, so ImageSoft experts can take over the mission and make your OnBase solution bigger and better than ever.
  • Troubleshooting: OnBase Reseller support hinges on the ability to troubleshoot problems big and small. Technology is a fantastic tool, but it can occasionally go haywire or break. OnBase support teams like ImageSoft’s can jump in and identify the problem before getting to work on a resolution. Sometimes issues are caused by a freak tech malfunction, but other times it’s related to a setting that was accidentally changed. Whatever the cause, Customer Care can go on the hunt and make any necessary adjustments to keep your solution running smoothly.
  • Cloud Transitioning: Looking to transfer to the cloud (or to a different cloud)? ImageSoft OnBase Support experts have handled several cloud transitions, and built systems in the cloud from the ground up. They’re equipped to do full transformations, hybrid systems, long-con transitions, and more to best suit your organization’s needs. Many OnBase Reseller support teams only work under their cloud, but Customer Care gives you the option to choose where your solution is hosted.
  • System and Code Health Checks: When you opt to work with ImageSoft Customer Care, you open the door for Solution and Code Health Checks. These are preventative actions taken by our team to analyze your current system and spot any potential issues, broken code, or vulnerable nodes. The best way to avoid big problems is to keep an eye on things well before any issues occur. Our team will take inventory of the backend of OnBase, and we will report our findings and suggested next steps to you in a personal meeting. Health Checks are designed to preemptively avoid problems, and we’ve seen a fantastic success rate with them.
  • Upgrade Assistance: OnBase upgrades can get very complex and can take hundreds of hours over a few months to complete. Because most customers go through an upgrade only once every few years or so, they don’t have enough practice to truly master it. We recognized the challenges that come with upgrades and have an entire team dedicated to specializing in them. ImageSoft experts work with upgrades constantly and can offer the best possible turnaround time.

Having the proper OnBase Reseller support team can ensure that you get the most out of your solution without much intervention on your part. OnBase is simple to use but involves a lot of complex technology and automation that needs special care and attention. Rather than wait for days for a response from other OnBase support teams, you can work with ImageSoft and choose to have daily access to Customer Care. Your solution will reach and exceed your expectations, even as your organization shifts and changes. We’re here to keep things moving, and we’ve spent the last 20 years working tirelessly to maintain our Diamond Support status.

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