While most organizations start to wind down for the year, there’s one industry whose floodgates are just about to open: insurance agencies.

170_winteryroadsMid-westerners and east-coasters love to hate the slew of snow, ice and freezing temperatures that winter blows in, but I’ll bet my holiday shopping money that insurance agencies hate it more. Slick roads, blustery winds, bursting pipes, slip-and-fall accidents, and all the perfect conditions for a season of hazard means insurance agencies are bracing themselves for a cyclone of claims.

When the Crystal Ball is a Snow Globe

As every seasoned insurance adjustor knows, investigating one claim could sometimes put even Sherlock Holmes to the test. Various people work together to collect pictures, video, conduct fact checks, and write reports, all while being challenged to keep that data updated, together, and in the right hands at the right time. Granted, this process is arguably as old as insurance itself and insurance agencies have stamped it as adequate to get the job done. But, as the UN’s report on climate change tells us, wicked weather trends aren’t calming down, which means insurance agencies need to light a fire under the efficiency of their claims processing. And not just for the winter ahead!

Gearing Up for the Cold and its Claims 

Fight the cold of claims season by equipping your insurance agents with one, claims-processing powerhouse: OnBase, integrated with ESRI.

We already know it’s a perfect fit, but let’s try it on for size anyways.

Several homes in a new suburb have been damaged by disastrous winter storms. At their computer, the insurance adjustor selects and right clicks on several listed claims, and simply clicks “map.” From there, the list of data for that entire community of homes is geographically represented and plotted on an interactive map – also known as geocoding. The adjustor can now pair that map with relevant external information, such as weather data, to see which claims are undeniable, and which might need further investigation. The adjustor can zoom in and out, color-code the plotted points, and change the map from areal imagery to a more in-depth street view. Want a closer look at one specific claim? Simply click its plotted point and all relevant the case data, including photos, video, reports and more, will be pulled from OnBase and populated on your screen.

Believing is seeing, but if you really need to see it to believe it, here’s a two-minute demo.

A ONE-derland – for Winter and Beyond

With OnBase supporting all your enterprise content management (ECM) needs and geo-enabled documents, it’s easy to integrate ESRI’s interactive mapping functionality and pool all your claim data into one, comprehensive view. And with OnBase’s automated workflow, it’s never been easier to route and share case data – such as modified maps saved as images – with colleagues, clients and other authorized users. And here’s a PDF to prove it.

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