At ImageSoft, we eat. A lot!

Never Trust a Skinny ChefNot only do we host regular lunch and learns catered by our favorite local eateries, we also have a snack bar, snack-stocked cabinets, and a variety of sodas and flavored waters to wash down your snacks. Not to mention that any reason is the perfect reason for an ImageSoft potluck. Or, in the case of the Michigan v. Michigan State game this weekend, a chili cookoff.

But our fun with food isn’t just because we like to eat (although that is a large part of it!). We’re all about commensality and sharing experiences with one another, and that includes our customers. Just like when you want to “wow!” your friends by cooking up that ridiculously delicious plate you’re notorious for, we want our customers to know about the similarly ridiculous tools that will blow away both their staff and constituents.

And we know they will, because we serve up OnBase to our own team members every day.

Coffee Chat with Crystal

If you know anything about ImageSoft (besides the fact that we love to eat), it should be our heart for OnBase® by Hyland. The technical definition of OnBase is that it’s the easily integrative, all-in-one tool for any government agency or administrative department that automates time-consuming, routine processes while providing a 360-degree view of all information, records and documents in one hub.

But, as customers of OnBase ourselves, we know you’re more concerned with where the rubber meets the road. So we caught up with Crystal Iverson, Director of Professional Services, who manages one of the largest departments at ImageSoft.

Despite being a busy lady, we were able to bombard Crystal’s office for a few minutes and get her off-the-cuff thoughts on OnBase from a manager’s perspective. And, of course, we brought food into it!

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Q&A with Christy

Christy SchultzChristy Schultz, Recruiter at ImageSoft, also relies on OnBase for much of her job role, which includes staying in constant and clear communication with managers like Crystal. Read on to learn about her dynamic experiences with OnBase and why you might have an unusual urge to redesign your home after becoming a regular OnBase user!

Q: How long have you been recruiting with ImageSoft? 

A: Come February, I will have enjoyed three years with ImageSoft.

Q: When you first started, what did the recruiting process look like?

A: My method for collecting resumes hasn’t really changed but, when I first started with ImageSoft, OnBase was only being used as a repository for documents, resumes, interview worksheets, etc. As ImageSoft grew, so did its needs, and we eventually expanded our functionality with OnBase, which has truly been a gift to our human resources department!

Q: When you learned you were switching over to a paperless recruiting path, what was your initial reaction?

A: Excitement! I did my homework and learned that everything I needed would be secure and organized within OnBase. I was also reassured that OnBase would be routing everything to the managers and notifying them of overdue tasks for me. Automated accountability has really supported my job and alleviated much of my job role’s previous stress.

Q: Things got easier with OnBase in its simplest form, but what happened when you upgraded to enhanced recruiting features? 

A: OnBase has streamlined and simplified the recruiting processes for both our managers and myself. All resumes are now pushed through to the managers via OnBase, where they receive a notification and can review the resume and all other relevant documents right from the system. If the manager decides to move forward with a candidate, OnBase notifies me with the candidate’s information so I can get the interview process started.

All our interview worksheets and offer letters are also completed within OnBase.  We’ve created a workflow that takes candidates through each phase of the hiring process from application to offer letter, ensuring that each step is followed and critical information is not overlooked. By ensuring all candidate information is readily updated and available for both me and the respective hiring manager, OnBase has tremendously eased the recruiting process!

Q: Are there any custom features that were built into ImageSoft’s HR platform that support ImageSoft-specific goals or an individual hiring process?

A: My dashboard is custom to the features I use most often and my needs as a recruiter. It allows me to easily track metrics and quickly capture the data I need to report to upper management.

Q: If you could compare OnBase to any person, who would it be and why?   

A: OnBase is like an interior designer/organizer. Like a designer, OnBase support reps will consult with you to find out what you’re looking for, come up with a design for you based on the discussions you’ve had, can customize OnBase’s interfaces and processes to your needs and preferences and, ultimately, help you organize and make life easier.

And just like designers who want to ensure you’re happy with their design, OnBase is pliable enough to continue supporting your changing needs throughout the years to ensure you stay current and updated.

Hungry For More?

We’re always willing to share an OnBase demo, even if you have don’t have snacks. But we won’t lie – it helps.

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