Even the most distant follower of our quick-witted blogs, punchy podcasts or sometimes sassy social media know that life at ImageSoft is everything but average. Through all these channels, in our meetings and during customer visits, our colleagues are very present – comfortable with one another and happy to engage in conversation, those of both business and just as friends. Many of us know just as much about each other’s families, pets and personal happenings as we do about OnBase! 

So it may be surprising to learn that many ImageSoft staff work remotely. From account executives and sales support representatives to professional services and engineers, 31 members of the ImageSoft family are full-time remote and dotted all over the national map. Even our “in office” team members operate from two difference cities – Southfield, Michigan and Raleigh, North Carolina. Of those teams, many have flexible hours that allow them to log on remotely when they or children are sick, furniture is being delivered, etc.  

So how have these long-distance working relationships built the strongest of friendships? Much like how we integrate disparate systems, we have many ways of bringing the ImageSoft team together despite some small geographical differences.  

Images of Us 

We’ve recently launched a new staff spotlight series affectionately called “Images of Us.” A monthly feature of which no department or location is immune, “Images of Us” introduces the many faces that make up the ImageSoft family. Because we’re very serious about having fun, each randomly-selected participant answers five off-the-wall questions such as “what song is on replay in your car?” and “to which TV character do you most relate?” alongside a casual photo or selfie. The spotlight is then circulated internally before being proudly splashed across LinkedIn and Facebook. Not only does it put a face and some character to a colleague (or, for customers, a support representative) that we may have never met in person, it helps us sustain the personal culture that has defined us as “the most charismatic group of people to ever champion software development.” 

We’re Real People 

A conversation about automation will certainly get our gears going, but our team is far from robotic. From volunteer days and chili cook-offs to celebrations and field games, what makes us human is what makes ImageSoft. And what goes on in between and after hours is often what fuels our day!  

A perfect example is the conversation unfolding as our marketing team sets up a tradeshow banner. Here’s a soundbite: 

Colleague one: Sorry we’re making so much noise! 
Colleague two: You should be sorry! So-and-so is on the phone.  
Colleague three: it’s just a headset – it’s not even important. 
So-and-so”: It is too important! I’m on the phone with Paul (a remote colleague) 
Everyone: “Hi Paul!”  

Nice to Meet You! 

While we can’t sum up everything “ImageSoft” in just one blog, we hope this was enough to give a good first impression. So whether you want to chime in on something we’ve posted or check to see if you might be a good fit for one of our available seats, we’d love to chat with you!  

We Really Do Want to Hear From You 

What company culture activity do you appreciate most?  

Reply in the “comments” section below or on our Corporate LinkedIn page. We read and respond – promise! 

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