Isn’t it ironic how, during the year we’re forced to keep our distance from one another, we’ve actually built up a stronger sense of community?

Suddenly, we’re making it a point to regularly call and FaceTime with people we normally don’t see. Bicycle sales have skyrocketed as families, now together more than ever, seek new activities to get everyone out of the house. And did you happen to catch one of the numerous birthday or graduation drive-by parades?

It seems we’ve followed in step with the adage, “we all want what we can’t have,” and this year, it was a sense of unity and comradery.

An Opportunity for Community

As many of you know, CommunityLIVE 2020 is a virtual event. With previous years hallmarked by The Grand Ole Opry, Third Eye Blind concerts and Cleveland Indians games, signing in for a week-long virtual conference from your home office doesn’t have the same allure – we know.

But in the same determined spirit of those who’ve orchestrated car parades, built engaging spaces to homeschool their children, and everyone who went the extra mile to build bridges over the temporary divides of the pandemic, our team has spent just as much time, if not more, brainstorming and working their magic to ensure the same feel-good community experience for our customers.

2020 has truly been an opportunity for community, even if from a Zoomed distance. And the best part is you don’t have to rearrange your calendars, stress over travel or parking, or even miss your kids – we’re bringing it all to you!

Virtual CommunityLIVE – The ImageSoft Way

If you’re “hungry” for sample of what the CommunityLIVE experience will be like before you commit, we’ve got some bite-sized previews (and yes, “hungry” was clue #1):

  • All registered customers should keep an eye our for our “Engagement Check-In” email. These few, short questions will ensure you receive all the exciting goodies we have up our sleeve!
  • We’ll still see you at The Morning Meet-Up! And yes – we have a lot to talk about. All registrants need to do is accept the calendar invite and follow its instructions. This is where you’ll learn all the concrete details of the events we have planned throughout the week. Without giving too much away, we’re confident you’ll be excited for one particularly “red carpet” event.
  • We still have you penciled-in for one-on-one time because, truthfully, we look forward to catching up with you as much as we hope you look forward to chatting with us. We’ll be reaching out to you with a calendar invite for some time to chat with ImageSoft’s leadership team about your existing solution, future goals and all your questions. For customers who also usually attend Velocity, this is an ideal time to chat through conversations we missed out on this year.

More Than Ever, We Hope to See You at CommunityLIVE!

Regular CommunityLIVE attendees will tell you this event is the refreshing, innovative break from the normal grind they need to stay smart about how they’re operating and bring their best back to their teams. We love seeing our friends flourish after an exciting week of networking and brainstorming with cross-industry peers and experts from across the country.

And if you’ve never attended CommunityLIVE, this is truly your year – it’s a low-risk trial run to experience the value of general and industry-specific breakout sessions, keynote speakers and resources at every turn.

We could talk all day about why we’d love to catch up with you at CommunityLIVE, but the primary reason is just that – to see how you’re doing. Our customers are our friends and, with all of our in-person customer events on pause, we’d really love to catch up, hear how, hopefully, your digital processes have helped you through this increasingly remote culture, and know if there’s anything we can do to help.

If you have questions about CommunityLIVE 2020, please reach out to your account executive or email Amber Innis, Events Coordinator, at

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