If there’s one thing we should all know about the Government, it’s that all departments are constantly working on countless projects at once. There’s a reason why there are so many “specialty” departments within the Government; there’s so much to get done that the work needs to be segmented or it will get lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, the mass amounts of work can take Government personnel quite a bit of time to get through, resulting in slower turnaround. Some of the biggest challenges Government organizations face are streamlining processes and cross-communicating between departments. 

Luckily, Enterprise Content Management systems are available to assist in the more mundane to-dos. OnBase by Hyland Software is one of the industry leaders with scalable solutions and custom options available to help meet any need. ImageSoft has been a proud OnBase Reseller for the past 25 years, 20 of which we’ve receive Diamond OnBase Support honors, and 18 of which we have been Platinum-level partners. We’ve implemented OnBase in dozens of Government agencies, and we’ve gotten to see first-hand how beneficial it can be. 

OnBase is a software that features a variety of business tools. Two of the most notable parts of OnBase are Workflow and Workview. Workflow is the meat of the solution, consisting of code and features that take over tasks and processes. Things like automation, automatic messages, notifications, and more fall under Workflow. Workview is the – for lack of better term – viewing segment of OnBase. You can collect information, reports, records, and more to analyze your solution, business, organization, and goals. Together, you end up with a comprehensive solution that puts the customer in control. 

OnBase has proven to be especially useful in the Government in terms of paperwork, email chains, and other drawn-out processes. Rather than have an employee spend their entire shift pulling data, organizing emails, or handling payroll, OnBase allows them to focus on more pressing matters. OnBase is a department’s personal assistant, ready to jump in and automate or streamline processes that the Government has been using for years. With technology on your side, your department can drastically improve productivity while simultaneously preventing human-related errors when possible. 

We understand that Government entities require a secure database to store confidential information. As such, OnBase can be hosted on-premise, in your existing cloud, or in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. Contrary to popular belief, the cloud is not a dangerous place to keep key items because it is backed by encryption, firewalls, anti-malware, and other safeguards. Cloud hosted OnBase is accessible from anywhere, giving your employees 24/7 access to documents they need. 

ImageSoft goes above and beyond in the support department with our highly trained Customer Care teams. With over 125 OnBase certifications, our team can handle the brunt work behind the scenes to ensure that your solution is working like a well-oiled machine. All customers have the option to sign on to Customer Care for help with implementing new solutions or features, trouble shooting, or preventatively checking for risks. You can learn more about our top-notch OnBase Reseller support offerings in the blog featured in this newsletter. 

So, how can OnBase help the Government?

      • Back Office management and automation
      • Automatic process continuation
      • Reports and analytics
      • Automatic reply to emails, faxes, or notes
      • Record keeping and sharing
      • Cross-department or state communication
      • Confidential sharing with authorized users
      • Data entry
      • Vendor management
      • And more

If you’d like to learn more about OnBase for Government organizations, check out https://imagesoftinc.com/government/. Be sure to look through the articles in this newsletter for more in-depth information.

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ImageSoft Customer Care: Your Trusted OnBase Reseller Support Team

It takes years of unending work to become true experts in a field. ImageSoft has been an OnBase by Hyland Software reseller since the beginning, and we have yet to stop working to find new ways to improve our knowledge and skills. OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management system that is highly customizable, and therefore, a bit tricky to maintain if you aren’t familiar with the back end of things. Never fear – the Customer Care team of ImageSoft is here! We can help you manage things behind the scenes so that you can spend more time utilizing your OnBase system.

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RPA, as its casually referred to, mimics mouse clicks and keystrokes to automate repetitive, office-like work. Able to automate tasks in any environment, regardless of the existing software platform, RPA is available to any industry and thrives in all environments, especially those who already operate on OnBase and want to take their automation a step further.

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What Can We Do For You?

ImageSoft has been bringing affordable, adaptable enterprise content management systems to state and local governments for quite some time. Our industry-leading solutions for government offer automated workflows, improved speed and efficiency, reduced costs and proper compliance. 

ImageSoft is ready to help your organization reap the benefits from integrated enterprise content management. 

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