Toni Smith
Toni Smith, ImageSoft

Have you ever had a mini claim to fame?

You know, like being featured in your town’s newspaper for volunteer work, or being randomly interviewed on TV during a local segment?

I recently enjoyed a moment like that when ImageSoft spotlighted me as “Images of Us” for May. It’s just a monthly internal staff feature, but I loved the opportunity to share a small piece of my heart from the perspectives of both my professional and personal life. Honestly, filling out the questionnaire drummed up a lot of the same emotion and enjoyment I’ve missed at Velocity, our annual customer event.

Speaking of Velocity, you may have heard it’s back for 2021 – but, as you probably could have guessed, it’s virtual. Like you, I was a little disheartened at first – after a year of virtual-everything, I don’t think anyone reading this gets super pumped about sitting at their computers for another online event. But then I heard the details and my interest perked. Our team has done some serious soul searching before deciding to commit to a virtual Velocity – listening to how our customers are feeling about online events, and also getting honest about their own experiences this past year. As everyone knows, I cannot bluff about something – if I don’t like it, I won’t like it and you’ll know it. And even I can genuinely say I think you will thoroughly enjoy and remember Velocity 2021 as one of your best “virtual events” of this socially distant time.

Like I mentioned above, the primary attraction of Velocity has always been the connection. It’s a time to catch up with familiar faces and meet new ones, and to talk about your lives and also your struggles – both with innovation and your solutions, and anything else that’s on your heart. Velocity has never just been another corporate event, and our team’s primary focus has been on ensuring that stays true even in this virtual time.

So what are we doing to safeguard the annual event that everyone has come to know and love?

I’m a list person, so I’m going to bullet-point it out for you:

  • Quality time over quantity of time: Velocity 2021 is spread out, once weekly, over the month of August. Every Wednesday from 2-4pm ET, we’ll be offering some educational sessions on that day’s topic and, of course, networking “booths” where you can hop in and chat with ImageSoft leadership and staff, and other customers who might also be there. Those two weekly hours are yours to use how you like.
  • From swag bags to an exclusive deal: if you’ve attended any previously in-person Velocity, you know we usually hand you a “swag bag” on your way out the door of the last day. Obviously, we can’t do that this year, but we can offer you a customer-exclusive deal test driving our recently renovated TrueSign eSignature platform. You may or may not know, but TrueSign has undergone significant improvement this last year, including: three mobile options that turn your smartphone into a convenient signature pad, real-time signing for video conferences or of-the-moment signing needs, a templates library for drop-down access to all your frequently used signing templates (think: new policy paperwork, claims documents, cancellation signatures, payment authorizations, etc.), and more. All packaged for a straight-forward pricing model that doesn’t nickel-and-dime you or your customers. 
  • All Access Pass: While you’ve never been obligated to attend Velocity just by registering, this year’s registration really underlines that. Free registration is just your “all access pass” to attend whatever sessions or networking opportunities you like, which is almost impossible to do when attending in-person and away from your desk all day. You mold your virtual Velocity experience to fit what’s important to you while also not uprooting your schedule or needing to ask for funding to travel for the conference.

Over the next few months, you’ll receive a save-the-date email and some other Velocity information as the details become more concrete – when the time comes, I hope you will register and see for yourself how hard we’ve worked to ensure a worth-while experience for you. If you have questions about this year’s Velocity, registration, your solution, or just want to reminisce about a favorite shared memory from a previous Velocity, you know I’d just love to hear from you.


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What Can We Do For You?

ImageSoft guides insurers through the selection of enterprise content management to achieve the efficiencies and cost savings you need. Our industry-leading solutions for insurance offer automated workflows, improved speed and efficiency, reduced costs and proper compliance.

ImageSoft is ready to help your company reap the benefits from integrated enterprise content management. 

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