Time for Spring Cleaning!

March is typically the first glimpse many of us have into Spring. After a chilly winter, brighter and longer days are a welcome change. March tends to bring some warmer days (mixed in with some days that remind us it is still winter as well), and get us in the mood for Spring. This month, we encourage all organizations to take a look at their processes and systems and prepare for the inevitable Spring cleaning that is just around the corner.

Take inventory of how your systems have been performing and look for opportunities for growth. Are you still relying on the legacy system from decades ago? If so, this is the perfect time to look into modern, digital alternatives. Take the next month to plan out ways to improve efficiencies using specially-developed technology for your industry. A few staples all organizations can benefit from include document/content management, automation, workflow creation and optimization, secure sharing, and remote-accessible databases. ImageSoft is proud to offer all of the above (and more!) to organizations across many verticals. Though we specialize in Public Sector offerings, we can just as effectively aid private institutions in their quest for digital transformation. We can be your partners in modernization this Spring – just reach out to our experts to find which products are best suited for your goals.

ImageSoft News & Announcements

Featured product: True Filing

The TrueFiling System is made up of two distinctive “parts.” The first part, TrueFiling, is designed to aid filers in submitting all Court documents electronically from just about anywhere. Filing fees can be paid immediately within the platform, helping filers cross off tasks in one fell swoop. The second part of the system, TrueFiling Review, is our newest release and is targeted to Courts. Once a document has been filed, Courts can enter TrueFiling Review to process them, track fee payments, and generate fee financial reports in real-time. By using both parts of the system together, the entire process is streamlined and kept secure within a single environment.

Save the Date

Velocity (ImageSoft’s Annual Customer Event) – 5/31 and 6/1 in Novi, MI 

Court Technology Conference – 9/12 through 9/14 in Phoenix, AZ 

Industry News

Virtual Courtrooms Enhance Participation in State and Local Judicial Proceedings

Texas Courts have been looking closely at the impact of remote hearings at the state and local level. Since the pandemic, fully remote and/or hybrid Court environments have become very popular. Research in Texas counties show that by switching to the digital format, Courts are getting better levels of participation and access to justice for all litigants. While any drastic change can have its setbacks, remote hearings are proving to be a valuable asset that is here to stay.  

Three Things Advanced Digital Governments Do Differently

Technological research firm, Gartner, has done the research and the results are in: Governments who use advanced technology efficiently make different decisions than those still relying on legacy systems. Most notably, digital Governments focus on optimization, calculate and report on success metrics, and adopt a wide range of contemporary business practices. Read the article to learn what making the switch can do for your government agency. 

How the Digital Revolution is Transforming the Insurance Business

Insurance is an industry that has been very much affected by the digital transformation revolution. Check out this article to learn a few of the many ways Insurance is changing to adapt to the new digital environment, and what’s in store in upcoming years. The advantages of transitioning to a digital environment are countless, and many organizations are looking at the opportunities InsurTech is opening. 

Why ImageSoft?

ImageSoft is proud to offer top-quality services with unmatched security. We work closely with professionals in many industries including the Justice System, Government, Insurance, and more. Trust ImageSoft to help identify your pain points and develop digital solutions to overcome each and every one of them. Our team is dedicated to helping organizations reach and surpass their goals through workflow creation and automation, digital transformation, Cloud hosting and migration, and content management. Ready to get started?

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