James Leneschmidt, CTO, ImageSoft

Right now, I think it’s safe to say we’re all in the same boat and thankful for the technology that has our back. Staying home and distant from our loved ones is difficult but, through video chats, phones, social media and more, we’ve found some temporary relief.  

Based on the dedicated, caring government personnel I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, I know this distanced state is also stressful for you and your constituents who, if without a remote solution, are watching as requests backlog, processes slow (or, even worse, stop) and people stay stuck.

Maybe this is the stereotypical, “turn to technology” CTO in me, but I do see a silver lining here: there are currently available digital solutions and transformative opportunities designed specifically to keep government departments running and constituents supported, if even from a distance. Just like the roundabout means we’re leveraging to stay in contact with our loved ones, so too is there a way to always stay connected to your public.

You see, when your records and documentation are secured in cloud-based storage, state and local agency personnel have 360-degree visibility and access to them from anywhere – their desk, home and even on-the-go. And with a digital workflow in place, data is always routed into the right hands – a streamlined highway from one stop to the next until the process is complete and people’s needs are fulfilled. Whether you’re a DOT, DOR, DOI (I think I got them all?), state or local agency, or anywhere on the government spectrum, this type of accessibility and mobility transforms the efficiency and data security of daily routines. But when you’re able to virtually keep your doors open, constituents supported and employees staffed amidst unforeseen crises, such as this COVID-19 pandemic or natural disasters like the recent tornado devastation in Nashville, you’ll see how technology, specifically digital solutions, truly do have your back.

ImageSoft has encouraged its staff to work remotely for a short time while we monitor the CDC’s updates and stay mindful of flattening the curve, but please rest assured we are still available to you during normal business hours. Please, if you have any questions or concerns, contact your representative or webchat with us on our website, www.ImageSoftInc.com.

Stay healthy, my friends.


Beyond “Business as Usual:” A Government-Inspired Story of Paying it Forward

Has anyone ever paid for your coffee? 

You know what I mean – the “feel good” stories that local radio stations love to cover. You’re sitting in the drive through of your favorite coffee chain and, upon pulling up to the window, credit card in hand, the barista is happy to share that the car in front of you has already paid your bill. Overwhelmed by a stranger’s act of kindness, you still hand over your card and ask that it covers the order for the car behind you. That car pays for the car behind them and so on.  

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Creating 360 Degrees of Value with Government Technology Solutions

Government offices are arguably one of the best areas to see some excellent results from going paperless, for both constituents and the hard-working staff serving them. In today’s episode, we’re talking with Dave Hawkins, CEO of ImageSoft, and David Officer, ImageSoft’s solution health specialist, about the tangible and intangible value that government agencies can see with a well-crafted technology solution.

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The “Gift” of Governance-on-the-Go

If you have friends and loved ones in far-away cities and especially out of state, you know the struggle of sending them birthday or holiday gifts. Glass will break and food will spoil, so your options are limited. A nice t-shirt, maybe?

If only we had an enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) system in place for these personal deliveries like we do for our governance. EFSS, you see, digitally houses all your data, records and other files in a centralized platform. From there, all authorized personnel have one-click access to and can edit the files as needed. Not only does this simplify and empower collaboration with constituents, communities and other government agencies, EFSS systems also have built-in compliance safeguards, such as permission-based access and full audit trails.

Take a closer look at “Governance-on-the-go” in this recent article, which also details three key benefits of EFSS. And if you leverage this information to develop an EFSS-inspired shipment method for quality gift ideas, please let us know.

What Can We Do For You?

ImageSoft has been bringing affordable, adaptable enterprise content management systems to state and local governments for quite some time. Our industry-leading solutions for government offer automated workflows, improved speed and efficiency, reduced costs and proper compliance.

ImageSoft is ready to help your organization reap the benefits from integrated enterprise content management. 

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