Ahead of his alarm by quite a few hours, the prosecutor lies in bed and grabs his phone. Opening his email app, he sees several warrant requests and police reports have come in overnight. With a full day already awaiting him, he gets up and starts getting ready. He’s almost out the door when he sees his kids peering down at him from the upstairs banister. Knowing they’ll miss him at breakfast, he gives his best smile and waves them back to bed.

This is Only Half the Problem

When justice is delayed, numerous other priorities are denied. Not only are overwhelmed prosecutors stressed into longer working hours, but the case’s turnaround time suffers, visibility into its lifecycle is spotty, and details in between get misplaced, mistaken or, worst of all, downright missed.

The most frustrating part of wasted time, inefficient case cycles and patchy communication is that is doesn’t have to be this way – the opportunity to break down each of these obstacles resides in a single platform right at your fingertips.

LEAP Over the Time Lapse into Streamlined Law Enforcement Communications

Transpired through partnerships with several prosecution offices, the Law Enforcement Agency Portal, casually referred to as LEAP, serves as a centralized, end-to-end case management tool that facilitates secure, streamlined communication between prosecutors and officers from a highly secure, Microsoft Azure Cloud-hosted environment.

Seamlessly integrative with record management systems (RMS), LEAP eliminates manual data entry and instantaneously populates warrants, reports and other necessary documentation directly onto the user’s interface, which can be customized to user’s needs and preferences and is scalable to an officer’s car-ported laptop, a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. This means that, instead of needing to be at the station, officers can submit their prosecution needs directly from the scene and, instead of heading into work early to sign off on warrant requests, the prosecutor can complete his eSigning sooner, right from the breakfast table.

Individual case type requisites are achieved thanks to configurable eForms which, once completed, are electronically routed to the right inbox with just one click. The receiving party will be notified that they have new information, better supporting case triage. In addition to notifications, accountability and visibility are further upheld now that officers and prosecutors are equipped with a complete audit trail, lending anytime-visibility into a case’s development, tracing where its at in the lifecycle, what the judgments have been and so on.

LEAP Over This Way for More Info

For an illustrative story detailing all the ins-and-outs of the communication platform built by and for the justice system, head over to our LEAP webpage.

From here, you can take a more expansive look at all its capabilities, request a free, no-strings-attached demonstration, learn more about how LEAP complements the widely adopted Paperless Prosecution Solution or webchat with a real person about your needs and, most importantly, how we can help.

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